If you’ve been following my blog then you know the battles I’ve taken on and fought for with all my heart. I’ve shamed large corporations out of withholding millions of dollars in royalties from songwriters who didn’t earn at least $250 (the amount that had to be earned before a check was issued.)

When I ranted about Time Warner cable sending out programs where the sound wasn’t in synch with the picture, hundreds of customers all over the country who were suffering with the same problem bombarded the company with complaints, who corrected the problem immediately!

I’m proud to say that I helped to break the controversial Tommy James book, “ME, THE MOB, AND THE MUSIC”, which is being brought to the screen by Martin Scorcese. In the hard hitting interview I did with my former label mate, we exposed practices by the legendary Morris Levy, whose company Roulette Records, back in the sixties  was said to have made more 45’s than singles.

I also exposed a “JACK-OFFICER” (a guy at a company who keeps telling you the check is in the mail.) when I wrote a blog about up one of the companies’ dubious past which included being started by the NAZIS, I was sent a check for what the company owed me, from LA by messenger to my desert home four hours later!

I was impressed when “Biz”Stone, the guy who started TWITTER contacted me to apologize for his company signing me up “by mistake” and making things right again.

When I discovered that YouTube was paying some artists like Lady GaGa and Justin Bieber every time their video was played, while lesser artists and songwriters received nothing (although their videos were viewed millions of times)…I was livid! I became more outraged when I also found out that a large group of publishers are signing a deal with YouTube on January 16, 2012 for future rights to their music, and getting part of a 4 million dollar settlement, which may or may not be divided with the writers!

When I talked to my friend Jeremy Blietz, an executive at Warner Brothers Music, he told me that his company is not going to sign what the other publishers are. He said that WBM is making its own deal with YouTube and assured me that every writer will be equally and fairly compensated.

I told Jeremy about my suspicions of gross underpayment of royalties by the Universal Music Group (which now owns Motown records on my two Michael Jackson cuts in four posthumously released CDs).

It’s hard to believe that Michael was the biggest music artist of 2011 earning over 170 million dollars, and I earned less than five grand in packages that included his biggest Motown solo hits “BEN”, “I’LL BE THERE”, “GOTTA’ BE THERE”, “ROCKIN’ ROBIN” and the classic “LITTLE CHRISTMAS TREE” (Clinton, jr./ Wayne).

Then I told him I located 99 pages in a google search listing for “Little Christmas Tree”, with dozens of new videos put up, with items like mp3 downloads, and ringtones for sale. Jeremy a man of a few words emailed me, “Hi Artie, I’ll look into this and get back to you shortly.”

Best regards, Jeremy Blietz

Vice President, Administration

Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

Considering my relationship with Warners over the past 40 years, since I was General Professional Mgr. and earned millions of dollars for the company, I know Jeremy will do everything he can to see that justice is done!

Finally, after my medical miracle last week, I’m having my dance in the wheelchair videotaped to show potential investors what THE HEALING POWER OF MUSIC is all about.

I want to create an instructional video package to motivate people who have physical problems who need to exercise but won’t! The series is called, THE HEALING POWER OF MUSIC and features abbreviated popular dance music clips BY GAGA, BIEBER etc., which stimulate us on cerebral, primal, and emotional levels. Short enough not to tire out a disabled person, but not long enough to be considered competition to the artists commercially released recording.

I’ve discovered a common denominator in all of the music that has worked a miracle on me, and I can explain what it is and show each viewer how to benefit from it.

Eventually I want to shoot a video with me showing movements to a group of people of all ages who are physically challenged and watch their faces light up when they see how much they enjoy it!

This could lead to a TV special (or series) THE HEALING POWER OF MUSIC featuring people like J.R. Martinez, who overcame incredible odds to become this year’s winner of “DANCING WITH THE STARS”,  my friend, and former Quincy Jones, one of the geniuses behind, “WE ARE THE WORLD”, with segments that show how congresswoman Gabby Giffords, who was shot earlier this year, regained her voice through music therapy.

It will also feature guest superstar performers who will interact with a physically challenged audience.Finally it will also feature a riveting special appearance by Steven Hawking and his voice synthesizer, who personifies my philosophy, “IF YOU CAN ONLY LIFT ONE FINGER YOU STILL CAN POINT THE WAY”

Regards, Artie Wayne http://artiewayne.com 

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photo at top taken during a demonstration in 1988 that was passing by the UNIQUE CLOTHING WAREHOUSE in the East Village, N.Y.

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“In 1988 I left Hollywood where I had built a lucrative wearable art business, with an illustrious celebrity clientele that included Sarah Jessica Parker, Robert Downey, Jr., J.D. Nicholas of the Commodores, Pam Tillis, Patti Dahlstrom, Sammy Davis, Jr. James Caan, Val Garay, Steve Cropper,  Luther VanDross, and Erte the father of Art Deco.

I gave up hosting Genghis Cohen, a hot Chinese Restaurant, which I named for my friend Allan Rinde, where I sold these one of a kind jackets and shirts that I painted by hand.  I put everything I had in storage and ran off to Vermont with my dog Nookie and a beautiful model half my age, whose drug dealer boyfriend was trying to kill her.

Unfortunately our relationship never develops into anything, so I go to New York when her racist uncle corners me in the bathroom and tries to beat my ass. I reluctantly leave Nookie with her in Vermont., while I go back to the Bronx and stay with my aunt Wan, who isn’t allowed to have a dog.


I have to make some money fast so I put on my elaborate $5000 lion jacket and head to Greenwich Village where I could probably sell it. The first store I pass is in SoHo, the UNIQUE CLOTHING WAREHOUSE, which has five artists airbrushing denim jackets in the window. They stop working to check out what I’m wearing along with a little crowd who had gathered around me, admiring and touching my jacket.lion2

The manager Eddie Ingber, watching all this, motions for me to come into the store. After he looks at pictures of creations in my book, he brings me upstairs to meet the owner of the 25,000 square foot specialty store, Harvey Russak. Harvey likes what he sees and hires me to replace Jean-Michel Basquiat, who left UNIQUE to collaborate on paintings with Andy Warhol.

At first the other artists, who were mostly gang bangers and graffiti artists, are jealous of the high prices I’m getting for my work, until I start negotiating prices for them as well. All of the pop and rap stars come in for custom creations for their videos and personal appearances, including The  New Kids On The Block”, New Edition, Tiffany, Bobby Brown, P.Diddy, “Notorious B.I.G’, Chris Rock, Queen Latifa, Aaron Hall, “Marky Mark” Walberg, Cher, and Tupac Shakur.

It isn’t long before I become head of the department, which is now averaging $20,000 a week!

I introduce Harvey Russak to my publicist friend Kenny Schaffer (Alice Cooper, The Left Banke, Jimi Hendrix), who in his spare time invented the wireless guitar. Kenny tells us that he’s made a deal with the Soviet Union to bring their television signals to colleges in the US.

Kenny’s idea of running a week of live internal Soviet TV to neutralize ABC’s miniseries “Amerika” ran on the near-bankrupt  Discovery Channel, winning him (and it) the National Cable Television Association’s Golden Ace award, and taking the fledgling Discovery Channel from 11,000,000 subscribers to 30,000,000 subscribers in a single week.

Kenny went on to establish the biggest communications company in the former Soviet Union that made the round trip from New York more than 100 times.  When he got too lonely for Seinfeld reruns, invented TV2Me, thus inventing “placeshifting,” that you check your local home TV with you anywhere you travel.  The first customer for placeshifting was Sting, bought Kenny’s first TV2Me unit so he could watch Newcastle United from anywhere he happened to be.  (It was after spending a night watching Soviet TV with Kenny at his first “public” Soviet satellite installation, Columbia University, that Sting wrote “Russians,” song with which he opened in 1987 Grammies broadcast.

It’s because of Kenny Shaffer that the world is able to watch the Soviet Union collapse before our very eyes! Of course, I “capitalize” (pun intended) on the situation and I create a line of T-shirts about the thawing of “The Cold War” including  “MORE THAN JUST A DREAM”, the most popular shirt in the line.which depicts an American flag and a Russian flag inside a Peace sign.

I’m proud to say that these shirts I design with some of the artists at UNIQUE are featured on the ABC TV show “Prime Time” with Diane Sawyer, and in the pages of Business Week. Then a few weeks later the world watches as they tear down the Berlin Wall!”


(To Be Continued)

Copyright 2009 by Artie Wayne  from his  forthcoming book, “I Did It For A Song” https://artiewayne.wordpress.com/2009/07/12/thank-you-for-one-million-hits/

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