While I was doing an interview with producer/ manager Joel Diamond, who’s under consideration to replace Simon Cowell on “American Idol, he played me a track he was working on. Although I’ve been known to leap on desks and dance around offices when I got excited about something, I’ve never experienced what happened to me next.

By the time the first chorus played of Joel’s brilliant remake of “UNITED WE STAND 2010” featuring Benny Mardones and Teresa James, tears were running down my cheek and I was a bit embarrassed. I never experienced such an emotional reaction before, publicly or privately and knew once again, I was witness to an extraordinary piece of musical history.

Only twice in my career have I heard a track one time and predicted it would become record of the year, the first was a test pressing of “Jesus Christ Superstar” that my friend MCA publisher (at the time) Don Williams played for me, which he, Allan Rinde and I helped get to the top of the charts.

The second record was among the songs I gave Olivia Newton –John to record, “I Honestly Love You”, which MCA didn’t even want to put out.

When I asked Joel what his plans for “UNITED WE STAND 2010” were, he said he wanted to finish it up and debut it in a year and a half at the 10th anniversary of 9/11 tragedy. I tried to control myself but I slipped and said, “Are you out of your f#@kin’ mind! The record is perfect and should be out right now! We all need to be inspired RIGHT NOW!!

I’m proud to say that he’s taken my suggestion and has rush released “UNITED WE STAND 2010”by the Joel Diamond Experience, featuring Benny Mardones and Teresa James.

Joel has just made a video, directed by Wedigo Watson, that has just been put up on YouTube.

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