We’re in the middle of an earworm epidemic and there’s nothing we can do about it! There’s no vaccination you can take to prevent it! There’s no medicine to take once you’ve got it! There’s only one thing you can do…sit back and let Usher and Lady GaGa deal with it!

The first time I heard about earworms was from my late friend producer Hank Medress (“He’s So Fine”, “Tie A Yellow Ribbon”) when I interviewed him for Spectropop i

Artie – I remember on one of my trips back to New York, I dropped by to see you at EMI and you introduced me to Buster Poindexter. You played me a record you just cut with him that’s still one of my favorites, ‘Hot, Hot, Hot!’

Hank – That’s interesting, ’cause ‘Hot, Hot, Hot!’ became another one of my earworms.

Artie – Earworms?

Hank – Yeah, the kinds of songs that come into your head while you’re showering or when you’re walking. You don’t want them in your head.

Artie – But they’re in there anyway.

HM: Yeah. I just did an interview for a new TV pilot with Pete Fornatale, who used to be on WNEW radio, called ‘Earworms’, ’cause a lot my records – ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’, ‘Hot, Hot, Hot!’ and ‘Tie A Yellow Ribbon’ – fit that description.


Once there were three hooks TOPS in every pop song, now with recordings and videos longer than they’ve ever been, there are up to NINE hooks in each song!


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