Discover New Ways Of Opening The Mind And Retrieving Lost Memories!

February 22, 2007


People ask me how I remember events that happened so long and write all about them as if they were happening today! Ever since I was a child I have been aware that everything we see, hear, feel and smell is recorded and forever stored in our brain, especially if they’re accompanied by a strong emotion.

From time to time, when we experience a similar emotion, a long…long lost file somewhere in our brain unlocks, and we involountarily experience a flashback that makes us ask ourselves, “Now why did I think of that?”

I’ve discovered ways that I can access those files whenever I want… through deep meditation techniques , self-hypnosis, and now extra virgin coconut oil! If you’d like to know how to do it e-mail me at and I’ll tell you. I’ll also send you an mp3 where I talk you down to a deep meditative state…All at No Charge!

All I ask is, that if it works for you as it has for so many others,please get back to me with your story and allow me to include it in my articles and my forthcoming book ( anonomously if you prefer)

Thanks and regards, Artie

4 Responses to “Discover New Ways Of Opening The Mind And Retrieving Lost Memories!”

  1. Jack Says:

    Hi Artie,

    It is nice to know from someone who can share about the goodness of virgin coconut oil.

    Virgin coconut oil was somewhat unheard of even in tropical countries like Malaysia! Locals have long known about the “cooling effect” of coconut water and how it has been used to treat a wide range of health problems from “heatiness’, to persistent coughs, increasing appetite (metabolism rate) and to suppress thyroid problems. Many of them also use coconut oil to add a shiny sheen to their crop of hair.

    Coconut oil has now come a long way in Malaysia from being the hard-to-come-by freshly opened coconut water to coconut goodness available in a capsule or liquid form from your local pharmacy!

  2. Dave James Says:

    I know this is a an old subject…but…how did it work/go…what sort of response did you get..?

    I lost my memory a couple of years ago after detoxing off of alcohol, now my memory is really bad, but bits and pieces are coming back to me from before. Any insight into how I may get my memories back would be much appreciated, many thanks in advance.

  3. Rosemary Says:

    im having trouble remembering alot of things from my past i have Strong emotions about them but cant seem to get the visual
    Can you help it will bemost


  4. Cornelia Says:

    I have a few memories, which I would very much like to learn how to unlock. One from just a short while ago…and some from a long time ago. Looking forward to your ideas on the subject.

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