When it was leaked that Adam Lambert received 97% of the call in vote on “American Idol” for his rendition of “Feelin’ Good”, the judges officially should have ended the competition and declared Lambert the winner!

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO  of ADAM LAMBERT, the TRUE “AMERICAN IDOL” in a better performance than anything he ever did on “American Idol”! https://artiewayne.wordpress.com/2009/05/24/new-exclusive-video-adam-lambert-performing-live-better-than-any-idol-show/



Here are three URLs that will take you to the video of “Feelin’ Good”

(If one is disabled try another one)





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TO SEE SUSAN BOYLE, HER SPECTACULAR MAKEOVER AND HER MUSIC! https://artiewayne.wordpress.com/2009/04/22/exclusive-photo-susan-boyle-makeover-and-her-new-video/



This week’s top story seems to be that Barbara Walters, Larry King, and most of the free world have joined TWITTER.

It’s amazing how quickly TWITTER, the social network, has become part of the world’s collective consciousness. The first time I heard about it was at the end of the Presidential campaign when Senator John McCain sent telegrams and used land lines to keep in touch with his staff, while Senator Barack Obama used cell phones and TWITTER to stay in touch with his…with the whole world following his every “Tweet”.

What impresses me most about the service is the message or “Tweet” is limited to 140 characters (about six lines), which forces the user to communicate more concisely. Although I had a problem with TWITTER initially, everything has been resolved. Even though I like the idea of communicating quickly, I haven’t become an active member because I’ve never been a “follower” and I don’t like the idea of being “followed” around by anyone.

As I was discussing my dilemma with my friend Art Munson at Over 50 Music, he suggested that I look into Face Book, which presented another problem. I’ve always seen Facebook as one of the places where you can delude yourself into thinking that you’re popular, but I found that it is one of the best places to make a reconnection.

Two months ago I decided I wanted to include a paragraph or two from people in my past to use in my forthcoming book “I Did It For A Song”, and through e-mails and Google I was able to locate 30 people. Exactly one month ago I joined Facebook and found 300 PEOPLE who I’ve since added as “friends”! Now with the recent addition of TWITTER to its pages I can follow everyone I know, everywhere they go, and read every message they send and/ or receive. DAMN, isn’t technology wonderful?

You have to excuse me, but it’s time to go on Facebook to check on all my pals. I wonder if Peter Greenberg’s back from Shanghai, mmm, Gary Stromberg says he saw a report on Fox news how bacon cures hangovers, Unsteady Freddy saw the Association perform, Bruce Garfield is up before the sun in London, Patti LaBelle is in the studio with Alicia Keys…..Looks like it’s gonna’ be a long night!

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To reach Art Munson http://over50music.com

I feel foolish for calling Susan Boyle, Sarah Boyle in yesterday’s post, but she’s become popular so fast, such mistakes are inevitable. Anyway, enough frivolity, here’s her latest video with a promise in the future to be more accurate in identifying people in my articles.


French actress Gina Lollobrigida looks askance at the “NEW SUSAN BOYLE”

FOR THE NEW SUSAN BOYLE VIDEO FROM “ENGLAND’S GOT TALENT!” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxPZh4AnWyk


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There’s been a bumper crop of talent this year from all over the world! From the US comes Adam Lambert, the next “American Idol”, Sarah Boyle and Shaheen Jafargholi from “Britain’s Got Talent”…and the group some are calling the NEW BEATLES…MEET THE VOCA PEOPLE!

Special thanks to Patti Dahlstrom, Normand Kurtz, and Sharon Link for the video alert.

For EVERY BEATLE VIDEO EVER MADE…FOR FREE! https://artiewayne.wordpress.com/2009/04/11/every-beatle-video-ever-made-for-free/


I read in Variety online, “Paramount has announced plans to fast-track a remake of Footloose, with plans to start filming in the spring of 2009, with Dylan Sellers, producer of The Replacements, and the original producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron as co-producers. Chase Crawford of “Gossip Girl” will be starring.”

Wow…It’s hard to believe that it’s been 25 years since the original “Footloose” starring Kevin Bacon, was released. It’s also hard to believe that Genghis Cohen, the trendy Chinese Restaurant which I named and hosted off and on for nine years, is celebrating its 25th Anniversary!

What do the two have in common? Kevin and his girlfriend Tracy Pollen, who also was in the movie, were two of our first regular customers. They turned Sarah Jessica Parker (who was also in “Footloose”), and her boyfriend Robert Downey, Jr., on to the restaurant. It wasn’t long before Academy Award winning songwriter Dean Pitchford, “Fame”(Pitchford/ Gore), who collaborated on the nine-song “Footloose” score with songwriters Eric Carmen, Michael Gore, Sammy Hagar, Kenny Loggins, Tom Snow and Bill Wolfer, was coming into the Chinese restaurant as well.

One night Dean brought in his “Fame” collaborator, Michael Gore who I’ve known since he was 15, when I administered his sister Lesley Gore’s publishing companies. Dean also introduced me to the producers of the film, Craig Zadan and Neil Meron. Being an amateur musicologist, I was excited to meet Craig who wrote a biographic book of composer Stephen Sondheim entitled “Sondheim & Co.” in 1976.

There were nights when everybody from the film would show up at the same time, which made me feel like I was on a movie set (fortunately I was wearing taps on my shoes!) During one of the quieter moments I asked Dean, who also wrote the screenplay, what he thought about the phenomonon he created.

People sometimes speak of “Footloose” as “that movie about the town where you can’t dance.”   I think that if that had been all it was, it wouldn’t have continued to enthrall and entertain audiences for the last quarter-century.  At the heart of the film is a story of loss — about a boy who has lost his father and a man who has lost his son.  And the tale of how those two characters work through their grief (Kevin Bacon and John Lithgow in the original movie) still speaks to people’s emotions year after year, all over the world.”

See and hear “FAME”, “FOOTLOOSE”, and his other hits click onto THE DEAN PITCHFORD VIDEO JUKEBOX https://artiewayne.wordpress.com/2009/09/25/the-dean-pitchford-video-jukebox/

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To reach Dean Pitchford http://www.deanpitchford.com/

For STAR STUDDED NIGHTS AT GENGHIS COHEN https://artiewayne.wordpress.com/2007/06/23/star-studded-nights-at-genghis-cohen/


L to R: Artie Ripp, Jeff Barry, Phil Spector, Paul Case, Ellie Greenwich, Jerry Leiber, and Ed Silvers at BMI award dinner in 1964

Yesterday I was talking to a pal from the past, Ira Howard, the former editor of Cashbox Magazine, who ran the music division of Readers Digest for 28 years. He was telling me about a new super website he’s about to launch especially for our generation, who never lost our love for the ‘50s, ‘60s, and ‘70s. As we talked about old times, the conversation turned to the headlines and Phil Spector, and our encounters over the years with him.

I told Ira, “After I left Aldon music, I started hanging out at Paul Vance’s (“Itsy, Bitsy, Teeny Weeny, Yellow Polka Dot Bikini”) office at 1650 Broadway. Ellie Greenwich (“Hanky Panky”) dropped in one day to see Paul who wasn’t there, and wound up writing a song with me and Danny Jordan (The Detergents), “You Should’ve Told Me”, which the Angels recorded. As Danny and I were dreaming of further collaborations with this talented young lady, Ellie, her fiance Jeff Barry (“Tell Laura I Love Her”) had other plans.

The two of them had started writing songs with 21 year-old producer, Phil Spector (“To Know Him Is To Love Him”). ..songs that defined a generation. “Be My Baby” by The Ronettes, “Da Doo Run Run” by the Crystals, and “River Deep Mountain High” by Ike and Tina Turner.”

Ira Howard recalls, “I was at Cashbox in the early ’60s when Phil came in and immediately blurted out “I got a hit record and I need a name for this new group I’m producing.” (the group, by the way, included Bobby Sheen, Darlene Love and Fanita James, who recorded under many group names back them.) We began throwing around some ideas, when, out of left field, I mentioned that we could possibly name them after the clothes the kids were wearing. I then said “how about dungarees…or blue jeans?’ Phil’s eyes lit up and said “bingo…it’s The Blue Jeans.” He followed it by saying, “now how about a lead singer?” I then followed with “how about bobby sox?” Phil had a grin from ear to ear and said “great…it’s Bob B. Soxx and The Blue Jeans.” The recording was “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah” and it went Top Ten in November of ’62. Ira went on to mention that Phil had an amazing memory. The two didn’t meet until 40 years later at a songwriters awards dinner in New York. Ira got past Phil’s bodyguards and went up to him and just smiled. Phil then said “Bob B. Soxx & The Blue Jeans as his hello.”

Copyright 2009 by Artie Wayne https://artiewayne.wordpress.com/about-artie-wayne/

For more personal encounters with Phil Spector click onto



To see and hear Phil’s brilliant recordings with the Beatles as well as EVERY BEATLE VIDEO EVER MADE! https://artiewayne.wordpress.com/2009/04/11/every-beatle-video-ever-made-for-free/


When I looked through my inbox yesterday I found an incredible surprise from my friends Kent Kotal of Forgotten Hits, one of the best music forums on the internet and producer/songwriter John Madera (“At The Hop”, “You Don’t Own Me”, “The Fly” (all co-written with Dave White)

They each sent me a list of EVERY BEATLE VIDEO EVER MADE! YES EVERY BEATLE VIDEO EVER MADE! within minutes of each other and I hope you enjoy them as much as I am!

Thanks again to Kent at Forgotten Hits http://forgottenhits.com who has an especially exciting blog this week.

And to John Madera, http://thatphillysound.com

A Day in the  Life <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=A+Day+in+the+Life>
A Hard Day’s  Night <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=A+Hard+Day’s+Night>
A Taste of  Honey

Across The  Universe http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Across+The+Universe
Act  Naturally <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Act+Naturally>
All I’ve got to  Do <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=All+I’ve+got+to+Do>
All My  Loving <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=All+My+Loving>
All Together  Now <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=All+Together+Now>
All You Need Is  Love

And I Love  Her <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=And+I+Love+Her>
ahdnshouldAnd Your Bird Can  Sing <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=And+Your+Bird+Can+Sing>
Anna (Go To  Him)

Another  Girl

Any Time At  All <http://www.beatlestube.net/video..php?title=Any+Time+At+All>
Ask Me  Why

Baby It’s  You <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Baby+It’s+You>
Baby You’re A Rich  Man http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Baby+You’re+A+Rich+Man
Baby’s in  Black

Back In The  USSR <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Back+In+The+USSR>
Bad  Boy

Because <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Because>
Being for the Benefit  of Mr.  Kite! <http://www.beatlestube.net/video..php?title=Being+for+the+Benefit+of+Mr.+Kite!>

Blackbird <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Blackbird>
Blue Jay  Way <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Blue+Jay+Way>
Boys <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Boys>
Can’t Buy Me  Love <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Can’t+Buy+Me+Love>
Carry That  Weight <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Carry+That+Weight>
Chains <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Chains>
Come  Together <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Come+Together>
Cry Baby  Cry <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Cry+Baby+Cry>
Day  Tripper <http://www..beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Day+Tripper>
Dear  Prudence <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Dear+Prudence>
Devil In Her  Heart <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Devil+In+Her+Heart>
Dig A  Pony <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Dig+A+Pony>
Dig  It <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Dig+It>
Dizzy Miss Lizzie <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Dizzy+Miss+Lizzie>


Do You Want to Know a  Secret <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Do+You+Want+to+Know+a+Secret>
Doctor  Robert <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Doctor+Robert>
Don’t Bother  Me <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Don’t+Bother+Me>
Don’t Let Me  Down <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Don’t+Let+Me+Down>
Don’t Pass Me  By <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Don’t+Pass+Me+By>
Drive My  Car <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Drive+My+Car>

Eight Days a  Week <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Eight+Days+a+Week>
Eleanor  Rigby <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Eleanor+Rigby>
Every Little  Thing <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Every+Little+Thing>
Everybody’s Got  Something to Hide Except For Me and My  Monkey

Everybody’s Trying to  be My  Baby <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Everybody’s+Trying+to+be+My+Baby>
Fixing a  Hole <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Fixing+a+Hole>
Flying  (instrumental) <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Flying+(instrumental)>
For No  One <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=For+No+One>
For You  Blue <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=For+You+Blue>
Free As A  Bird <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Free+As+A+Bird>

From Me To  You <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=From+Me+To+You>
Get  Back <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Get+Back>
Getting  Better <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Getting+Better>
Girl <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Girl>
Glass  Onion <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Glass+Onion>
Golden  Slumbers <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Golden+Slumbers>
Good Day  Sunshine

Good Morning, Good  Morning <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Good+Morning,+Good+Morning>
Good  Night <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Good+Night>
Got To Get You Into  My  Life <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Got+To+Get+You+Into+My+Life>
Happiness is a Warm  Gun <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Happiness+is+a+Warm+Gun> aniringo
Hello,  Goodbye <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Hello,+Goodbye>
Help <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Help>
Helter  Skelter <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Helter+Skelter>
Her  Majesty <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Her+Majesty>
Here Comes The  Sun http://www.beatlestube.net/video..php?title=Here+Comes+The+Sun Here, There And  Everywhere <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Here,+There+And+Everywhere>
Hey  Bulldog <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Hey+Bulldog>
Hey  Jude <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Hey+Jude>
Hold Me  Tight <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Hold+Me+Tight>
Honey  Don’t <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Honey+Don’t>
Honey  Pie

I Am the  Walrus <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=I+Am+the+Walrus>
I Call Your  Name

I Don’t Want to Spoil  the  Party <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=I+Don’t+Want+to+Spoil+the+Party>
anipaulI Feel  Fine <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=I+Feel+Fine>
I Me  Mine <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=I+Me+Mine>
I Need  You <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=I+Need+You>
I Saw Her Standing  There <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=I+Saw+Her+Standing+There>
I Should Have Known  Better <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=I+Should+Have+Known+Better>
I Wanna Be Your  Man http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=I+Wanna+Be+Your+Man
I Want To Hold Your  Hand

I Want To Tell  You <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=I+Want+To+Tell+You> I Want You (She’s So  Heavy) <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=I+Want+You+(She’s+So+Heavy)>
I  Will <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=I+Will>
I’ll Be  Back <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=I’ll+Be+Back>
I’ll Cry  Instead

I’ll Follow the  Sun

I’ll Get  You <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=I’ll+Get+You>
I’m a  Loser
<http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=I’m+a+Loser> lennonani

I’m  Down <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=I’m+Down>
I’m Just Happy to  Dance with  You <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=I’m+Just+Happy+to+Dance+with+You>
I’m Looking Through  You <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=I’m+Looking+Through+You>
I’m Only  Sleeping <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=I’m+Only+Sleeping>
I’m so  tired <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=I’m+so+tired>
I’ve Got A  Feeling <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=I’ve+Got+A+Feeling>
I’ve Just Seen a  Face <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=I’ve+Just+Seen+a+Face>
If I  Fell <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=If+I+Fell>
If I Needed  Someone

In My  Life <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=In+My+Life>
It Won’t Be  Long

It’s All Too  Much <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=It’s+All+Too+Much>
It’s Only  Love <http://www.beatlestube.net/video..php?title=It’s+Only+Love>

Kansas City / Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Kansas+City/Hey,+Hey,+Hey,+Hey>
Komm Gib Mir Deine  Hand <http://www.beatlestube.net/video..php?title=Komm+Gib+Mir+Deine+Hand>
Lady  Madonna <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Lady+Madonna> 4-beatles
Let it  Be <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Let+it+Be>
Little  Child <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Little+Child>
Long Tall  Sally <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Long+Tall+Sally>
Long, Long, Long <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Long,+Long,+Long>
Love Me  Do <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Love+Me+Do>
Love You  To <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Love+You+To>
Lovely  Rita <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Lovely+Rita>
Lucy in the Sky with  Diamonds <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Lucy+in+the+Sky+with+Diamonds>
Maggie  Mae <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Maggie+Mae>
Magical Mystery  Tour

Martha My  Dear

Maxwell’s Silver  Hammer <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Maxwell’s+Silver+Hammer>
Mean Mr.  Mustard

Michelle <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Michelle>
Misery <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Misery>
Money (That’s What I  Want) <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Money+(That’s+What+I+Want)>
Mother Nature’s  Son <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Mother+Nature’s+Son>
Mr.  Moonlight

No  Reply <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=No+Reply>
Norwegian  Wood

Not a Second  Time <http://www.beatlestube.net/video..php?title=Not+a+Second+Time> Nowhere  Man <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Nowhere+Man>dig-beatles
Ob-La-Di,  Ob-La-Da <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Ob-La-Di,+Ob-La-Da>
Octopus’s  Garden <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Octopus’s+Garden>
Oh!  Darling <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Oh!+Darling>
Old Brown  Shoe

One After  909 <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=One+After+909>
Only A Northern  Song <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Only+A+Northern+Song>
P.S. I Love  You
Paperback  Writer <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Paperback+Writer>
Penny  Lane <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Penny+Lane>
Piggies <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Piggies>
Please Mister Postman
Please Please  Me

Polythene  Pam

Rain <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Rain>
Real  Love <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Real+Love>
Revolution  1 <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Revolution+1>
Revolution  9

Rock and Roll  Music http://www.beatlestube.net/video..php?title=Rock+and+Roll+Music
Rocky  Raccoon <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Rocky+Raccoon>
Roll Over  Beethoven http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Roll+Over+Beethoven
Run For Your  Life

Savoy  Truffle

Sexy  Sadie <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Sexy+Sadie>
Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely  Hearts Club  Band <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Sgt.+Pepper’s+Lonely+Hearts+Club+Band>pepper
Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely  Hearts Club Band  (Reprise) <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Sgt.+Pepper’s+Lonely+Hearts+Club+Band+(Reprise)>
She Came In Through  The Bathroom  Window

She Loves  You <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=She+Loves+You>
She Said, She  Said <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=She+Said,+She+Said>
She’s A  Woman
She’s Leaving  Home
<http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=She’s+Leaving+Home> Sie Liebt  Dich <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Sie+Liebt+Dich>

Slow  Down <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Slow+Down>
Something <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Something>
Strawberry Fields  Forever <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Strawberry+Fields+Forever>
Sun  King


Tell Me What You  See <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Tell+Me+What+You+See>
Tell Me  Why <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Tell+Me+Why>
Thank You  Girl <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Thank+You+Girl>
The Ballad of John  And  Yoko <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=The+Ballad+of+John+And+Yoko>
The Continuing Story  of Bungalow  Bill

The  End <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=The+End>
The Fool On The  Hill
http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=The+Fool+On+The+Hill The Inner  Light <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=The+Inner+Light>

The Long And Winding  Road <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=The+Long+And+Winding+Road>
The Night  Before <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=The+Night+Before>
The  Word <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=The+Word>
There’s A  Place <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=There’s+A+Place>
Things We Said  Today <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Things+We+Said+Today>
Think For  Yourself
This  Boy <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=This+Boy>
Ticket to  Ride <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Ticket+to+Ride>
Till There was  You <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Till+There+was+You>
beatles_gameTomorrow Never  Knows

Twist and  Shout <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Twist+and+Shout>
Two of  Us <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Two+of+Us>
Wait <http://www.beatlestube.net/video.php?title=Wait>
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                             The “American Idol” for 2009 Adam Lambert


Maybe I’m a little old for a steady diet of new music, but I still enjoy singing along to the best of the current top 40. The All-American Rejects (“I Hope It Gives You Hell”), Nickelback “(If Everyone Cared”) and Kelly Clarkson (“My World Would Suck Without You”), make me feel like a kid again. I can almost taste the rebellion in the music and feel the same emotions I felt when I first heard Rock and Roll!.


I recently reconnected with a pal from the past, John Madera who was a member of Danny and the Juniors, co-writer of “At The Hop” (Madera/White), and the prophetic “Rock And Roll Is Here To Stay” (Madera/White). I was thrilled to hear that his Rock and Roll spirit is alive and well. He told me about a new film he’s working on “At The Hop”, which is a story of life and love in Philadelphia set in late fifties, when it’s music and artists, dominated the charts.  


Then I smiled and told John about the first time I saw Danny and the Juniors Perform. When I was living in New York as a kid in the’50s I couldn’t wait for Easter to arrive, not for the candy or a new outfit my mother would buy me, but for the Alan Freed Easter Rock and Roll Show!


 Disc Jockey Alan Freed would always have the top black artists, including the architects of Rock and Roll, Chuck Berry (“Maybeline”, “Sweet Little 16”), Little Richard (“Rip It Up”, “Good Golly Miss Molly”), or Bo Diddley (“Bo Diddley”, “Who Do You Love”), sharing the stage with the top white rockers, Buddy Holly and the Crickets (“That’ll Be The Day”), Jerry Lee Lewis (“Whole Lotta’ Shakin’ Goin’ On”), The Diamonds (“Lil Darlin’’), Danny And The Juniors, (“At The Hop”, “Rock and Roll Is Here To Stay”.


Imagine if they had a show like that today with the greatest stars of the past…the present…and the future…imagine…











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Two weeks ago the owner of the desert apartment complex I live in tried to remove and hide an official notice to the tenants that the place was in foreclosure and would be sold at public auction on April 10, 2009. What an asshole!

You can probably tell that I’m in no mood for any further bullshit. After reading dozens of e-mails responding to my article, BMI FINDS A NEW WAY TO SCREW THE SONGWRITER, I can see that most of you aren’t either.

It appalled me that no songwriter was informed that a new minimum of $250.00 must be accrued before a check would be issued…an amount FIVE TIMES THE PREVIOUS $50.00 MINIMUM just a few months ago.

Until now, no one thought to complain. Here are a few excerpts from the dozens of e-mails I’ve received (without the sender’s names to protect their privacy).

“This is just another scheme BMI came up with to pay the rent, which comes at a time when many writers, I suspect, are having trouble paying theirs. A threat of a mass exodus to ASCAP would take care of this problem…”

“If you will ask BMI to direct deposit your royalties to your bank account, nothing will be withheld until you reach a certain minimum. This is simply an effort by BMI to encourage songwriters to use direct deposit, which will increase efficiency and reduce overhead, which will benefit all BMI songwriters through increased royalties. Nobody is trying to screw you — but rather you are being encouraged to adapt to a better way of getting paid. No postage, no checks to lose, no trips to the bank, no delay at the post office. I’m amazed that nobody explained this to you!”

I’m sorry, but I refuse to be punished for not making life easier for BMI.

“Yeah, Artie, I discovered this SCREW ‘EM UP a few days ago when I called BMI because I hadn’t received a statement.  Like you stated in your blog, I was informed that I had only accumulated about $100 and wouldn’t receive a check until the total reached the $250 mark…assholes, are investing my money AND REAPING THE PROFITS instead of sending it to me.  I really need my $$ NOW.  Geez!”

“My wife is a long-lapsed BMI affiliate, having been an ASCAP member almost forty years.  But she has works still in the BMI repertory, and is accounted to regularly. That is until now. Last week she received a statement and a $500+ check, but we only then noticed she’d missed the statement that had been due in January. She called and was told about the $250 minimum rule and that she hadn’t been sent the January statement because her balance due was less than the minimum.  To our minds, this is doubly egregious: establishing an unfair minimum plus withhold accountings if earnings fall below the minimum.  Can’t help but wonder if the interest earned on all the withheld funds accrues to the benefit of writers and publishers.”

“What does the BMI contract say? Is there any provision which gives them the right to withhold royalties? If not demand payment with interest!”

BMI is mirroring the SAG rules, which suck. Direct Deposit is fine, though…”

I don’t care what SAG does. As far as direct deposit goes, why would I want my money go directly into a bank that I no longer trust?

“I just read your story and you’re so right. They are investing or otherwise using the money due others so they can get the extra income/interest. Everything you said you’ve gone through is almost the same for most of us. I’m too small and too tired to fight, but I keep trying any way.” the story

“With BMI handling 375,000 different songwriters/publishers – going to Direct Deposit makes sense in this modern, digital banking time. Anything that cuts overhead costs for them makes me happy. I have been a BMI member since 2000 (small publisher) and receive small direct deposits (followed by a mailed statement) with happy regularity.”

I’m glad you’re so “happy”, unfortunately there are thousands and thousands of songwriters who aren’t like you. Many aren’t computer literate, and many aren’t even able to read. They, along with the more educated are being denied their own money, during the greatest economic crises of our lifetime, by a corporation who is more concerned with its own existence than the welfare of its members. The most disturbing part of this is BMI’s attempt to keep the new rules quiet and to brush aside any questioning of its practices.

Remember, for every 4,000 members who only earn up to $249.00 in a quarter almost A MILLION DOLLARS IS WITHHELD BY BMI! Multiply this by the “Real” statistics, and we’re talking MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF DOLLARS!

As a former mover and shaker, I once steered hundreds of young writers to BMI, because I believed in it, now I’d do anything to help them escape. Who knows what other dubious things the organization might be up to that haven’t been discovered…yet!

Regretfully, Artie Wayne https://artiewayne.wordpress.com/about-artie-wayne/

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For almost 50 years I’ve been a member of Broadcast Music, Incorporated, the organization that collects radio and TV performances for songwriters and publishers. I was a staunch supporter of it as a songwriter, when I was General Manager of Warner Brothers Music, and when I ran Irving-Almo Music.


When I went into business for myself 30 years ago, Ron Anton, my friend and senior VP at BMI, named my company Wayne Art Music, which I’ve always been proud of. Now I have to look at the organization with a big question mark, because of a practice they recently initiated.


Up until the last quarter, if a songwriter earned less than $50.00 BMI wouldn’t issue a check until the amount owed exceeded that minimum. Now they have raised the minimum amount to $250.00, FIVE TIMES THE AMOUNT IT WAS A FEW MONTHS AGO, before they issue a check!


Are they crazy? Yeah crazy like a fox, it sounds like someone in accounting came up with this brilliant idea to hold onto millions of dollars of the songwriters diminishing royalties for as long as possible…and who’s going to complain?

Most songwriters who are affected by this are too old; too tired, or too stoned to fight for what is rightfully theirs…so they let it slide.


I’m sorry, but I can’t let this go! In recent years I’ve lost money due to illegal downloads, piracy, unscrupulous record and publishing companies. I never expected an organization who is supposed to be on the songwriter’s side to treat us all like this!


What can we look forward to in a year the minimum being raised to $1000.00…$2,000 dollars? Can you imagine the tens of thousands of songwriters, publishers, and estates who will be affected by this?



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