February 19, 2009


I quietly looked into my bedroom and saw her lying asleep on my bed, she said her name was Angelina…Angelina Jolie!

It was 1981 and this six year old little girl, her brother James and her father, Academy Award Winning, actor John Voight had been waiting in the chilly California drizzle to visit a neighbor of mine, Al Schwartz, who’s co-writing a screenplay with him. When my Cairn Terrier Nookie started barking at the strangers hovering beneath an awning, I invited John, who is the brother of my friend, Chip Taylor writer of “Wild Thing”, and his kids, to come into my warm apartment until my neighbor arrived.

Not much of a story perhaps, but maybe enough to make me think about other special kids I’ve known: little12 year old Michael Jackson, who convinced me to build a dance floor in my office, little Whitney Houston, who used to accompany her mother, Cissy Houston with the Sweet Inspirations to background recording sessions.

I’ve seen babies grow into stars, like Maya Rudolf (“Saturday Night Live”), who once came over my to house in her mother Minnie Ripperton’s arms, and little Martha Plimpton, who would hang out with her Dad Keith Carradine (“I’m Easy”) Her Mom Shelly Plimpton, Richard Baskin and myself while we passed the guitar around.


 I’ve seen teenagers I’ve known become household names. One night when I came into Genghis Cohen, the Chinese Restaurant which I named and hosted, I saw Sarah Jessica Parker (“Sex In The City”) and Robert Downey, Jr. (“Iron Man”) sitting at a tiny table for 2 near the bathroom. I introduced myself and asked if they would prefer to have a booth?

When they finished dinner, I sat with them and told them how much I enjoyed their current films, Sarah in “Girls Just Wanna’ Have Fun” and Robert in “Weird Science”. They told me that they appreciated how they were treated at Genghis Cohen. Other restaurants wanted them to get in and out because they weren’t of drinking age and could only spend so much. I told them whenever you or your friends wanted to come in just call me. I assured them that “At Genghis Cohen, your wish…Is your problem!”

They laughed and not only became restaurant regulars, but became enthusiastic supporters of my wearable art.

One night Sarah was trying on one of my creations in the wine room at Genghis Cohen. She dresses and flicks off the light switch but it are NOT the switch for the closet it’s the switch for the ENTIRE restaurant! The owner, Allan Rinde, throws open the door, turns the darkened restaurant lights back on and GLARES at me. Sarah confesses and Allan smiles…after all who can stay mad at Sarah Jessica Parker?

Copyright 2009 by Artie Wayne

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  1. marie kuchta Says:

    We will always have SPANK THE MONKEY. A thrill to see the guru of PR at work. Great to see your posting, would you remember me? Marie: AKA(Howards gurl in early 80’s)couldn’t get the photo download, Is my joined at the hip Terry Mace still kicking it?

  2. li Says:

    Hey there
    Great post , good info
    would like to put a link to it in
    My blog
    if thats ok with you?

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