Buddy Holly – A Personal Remembrance!

February 5, 2007


When my Mother asks me what I want for Christmas, I curl my lip like Elvis and say, “A guitar ma’m…a guitar”. As usual, she gives me something that exceeds my expectations.  She sees me admiring an acoustic Kay guitar in a pawnshop by the 3rd Avenue El, and buys it for me on a lay-a-way plan.


I can’t afford guitar lessons, so I do the next best thing; I sit in front of the stage at an Alan Freed Rock and Roll show and watch Buddy Holly and the Crickets.


The show is advertised as having the biggest Stars in the Rock and Roll Galaxy. Although I enjoy Bo Diddley (“Bo Diddley”), Eddie Cochran (“Summertime Blues”), Chuck Berry “Maybeline”, The Diamonds (‘Lil Darlin’”),and The Flamingos (“I Only Have Eyes For You”), I’m here to see one group, whose song, “That’ll Be The Day”, is racing up the charts!

I remember Alan Freed comes out at the 10:00 AM show, in his trademark plaid jacket and is about to introduce Buddy Holly and the Crickets. From where I’m sitting I can see someone in the wings waving and trying to get Alan’s attention. Now he sees two-thirds of the group waiting in the wings, but makes his announcement anyway, “Now here’s Buddy Holly and The Cricket!”. Fortunately, Joe B.Mauldin runs onstage with his stand-up bass, halfway through the first song, and added the icing on the cake.

 “Well, That’ll Be The Day…when you say goodbye. That’ll be The Day…”


After the show, I stand in the pouring rain hoping to meet my hero at the stage door. Ritchie Valens, and Eddie Cochran, who is also on the show, comes out and graciously signs autographs for anyone who asks. Joe B. Mauldin, and Jerry Allison of the Crickets, sign my autograph book as well.


I wait another half an hour ’cause I can’t wait to tell Buddy how much his music means to me and how I sat in the third row for the last few days making diagrams of where he put his fingers so I can play just like him! When his bandmates return, Joe says that Buddy probably isn’t coming out.  Disappointed but inspired, I take the subway back home to the Bronx before it gets dark.


When your plane crashed, they said it was the “Day the music died”…but Buddy, your music has never died for me,”Rave On” and Rock In Perpetuity!   




JUST ADDED A MINUTE AND A HALF CLIP OF BUDDY AND ELVIS IN A 1955 HOME MOVIE!http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x8k2b_johnny-cash-elvis-presley-buddy-hol_music









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9 Responses to “Buddy Holly – A Personal Remembrance!”

  1. Andrew C. Jones Says:

    Personally, I get a little tired of hearing 2/3/1959 referred to as “the day the music died.” I know about poetic license and all, but the music didn’t die – it was just cut off at the source.

  2. lARRY HALL Says:

    just a word. you probably didn’t grow up then. and you probably didn,t end up in indian country in v-nam, but buddy meant a lot to us along w/ elvis,jerry lee, and even mozart. think back if you ever heard an m14 or m16 and qualified w/ an old garand m-l. iraq aint shit. adios and happy trails.

  3. taylor Says:

    wow… buddy holly was a great guy… id tell you like i told everyone else. The soul music died but we have more artists now… love you

  4. glc1959 Says:

    Buddy Holly Ritchie Valens and Big Bopper fans

    I am working on a tribute book dedicated to Buddy Ritchie The Bopper and pilot Roger Peterson

    Share your kind words and fond memories of the music and the musicians for use in my book

    WORDS OF LOVE 1959-2009



  5. Richard Says:

    A bit of trivia: According to John Goldrosen’s book the 1978 “The Buddy Holly Story” – probably the first book to deal in-depth with Holly’s music history – Nikki Sullivan and Buddy were 3rd cousins but only found this out when a number of their mutual relaitves show up for a Crickets appearance in Waco, Tx in late 1957.

  6. Richard Says:

    I just found out that Nikki Sullivan had left the Crickets just before they appeared on the Arthur Murray show.

  7. pianotrendsmusic Says:

    The music never died…The music lives on…The musician died…that is the tragic loss…The music that never was…was never born…because of 2/3/59

  8. Wow! For the first time I really heard Buddy Holly’s influence on John Lennon’s vocals. I only found our recently the Big Bopper was my 2nd cousin. That could explain a lot…or nothing!

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