July 10, 2009


When, Kris, David, Taylor, Jordin, and Reuben have all been forgotten, Chris Daughtry, will be remembered as the true “American Idol”! Even though he didn’t even make the final two in the competition three years ago, he went on to make the kind of records that people respect and really want to buy!

I knew that he had integrity by the songs he performed in the competition. It’s one thing, however, to know what song the audience would like to hear and another thing to be able to write it! Daughtry, could’ve joined the hard rock group, Fuel, but he decided to form his own unit and perform his own material.

“It’s Not Over”, topped the charts for months…so did “What About Now?”, and “Home” Now it looks like, “No Surprise”, will follow in their footsteps.

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adam yes

Even though this year’s second place winner on “American Idol”, Adam Lambert hasn’t put out a CD yet, his videotaped performances, including “Tracks Of My Tears”, “Whole Lotta’ Love”, and “A Change Is Gonna’ Come”, from the TV show have been selling remarkably well on ITunes and Amazon .com

I wasn’t very impressed when the “American Idol” competition began this year, and wondered if I would even watch the whole season. Then Adam Lambert came along and everything changed! Lambert is the real deal, and will surely make his mark in Rock and Roll History!

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  1. lcschaf Says:

    Adam! He’s the best!

  2. Lara Kraft Says:

    Adam Lambert is Ok…but DAUGHTRY RULES!


  3. Zena Says:

    If you are going by publicity I say Adam is more popular, but anything beyond that will have to wait until after Adam’s record is released.

  4. Zena Says:

    p.s Adam is certainly more attractive

  5. YL Says:

    daughtry has proven himself but adam who has not yet released an album is already dominating a lotta charts… given the right material i believe ADAM will far exceed what daughtry has accomplished…

  6. Nina Says:

    Well, coincidentally I can tell you this. I literally just returned from the Idol Tour Live in Sacramento and I noted that when Daughtry popped up in a music video on the jumbotrons he got a smattering of applause, but every single time Adam even appeared for a quick clip there was wild screaming. Not scientific, but fact.

  7. Barb Says:

    Adam is the most talented, most charismatic performer to ever appear on American Idol. I don’t know what the future hold for him, but based on his voice & performing skills he should Daughtry in the dust.

  8. CharliGirl Says:

    While Daughtry is a good performer, he does not have the vocal range that Adam has. Nor does he have the stage presence and showmanship that Adam has. And, based on looks alone it isn’t even close! Adam is hot hot hot and gorgeous. Adam is one of a kind and the best singer I have heard in a long long time. Adam will far out show and out sell Daughtry and probably all the other idols combined.

    • DONNELL Says:


    • Peter Says:

      Saying that Chris Daughtry doesn’t have the vocal range that Adam Lambert has is pretty untrue because vocal range goes both ways. Adam may have an amazing upper register but it’s a fact that Chris Daughtry hit the lowest note on the show when he did “Walk the Line” which was an impressive note for his voice type. Which actually makes their vocal ranges about even, atleast from what they showed on American Idol. And to say that he doesn’t have the stage presence is subjective, because they are two completely different styles of frontmen and to be honest, I’d be frightened if Daughtry started struting around the stage like Adam does so effortlessly. And don’t get me wrong, I love Adam Lambert, if it weren’t for him I would have been bored through all of Season 8 and I have huge respect for him, I just thought you should know that.

  9. Gerry Says:

    What’s the big deal with these guys? Clay Aiken is the true “American Idol!

  10. pegs223 Says:

    I don’t care for these types of questions because I really don’t think they are fair. Adam and Chris each have their own unique style which makes listening to either of them quite enjoyable. It’s all a matter of taste and for me, I like variety, in all things, including music.

  11. Jane Says:

    Adam is horrible! I didn’t finish watching this season because of him. I couldn’t stand the screaming in EVERY song.

    Daughtry is the best!!

    • Emily Says:

      Adam didn’t scream in EVERY song and you yourself said you didn’t finish watching the season so you have no right saying anything about him. If you’re going to criticize someone at least get your facts straight first.

  12. Jermaine Says:

    Daughtry has a great tone to his voice but he’s smug as hell. And his mountain back tattoo that reads ‘Daughtry’ is so f-n douchy LMAO

  13. steph Says:

    While Daughtry makes good music, sometimes all of his songs have the same sort of sound and beat. It’s a little monotonous. Adam, on the other hand, has such a versatile voice and style that he can do so many different kinds of songs. I agree that his voice is better than Chris Daughtry’s and his style and performance abilities are astounding…and he’s super, smokin hot and gorgeous! Never get tired of looking (drooling) at him or listening to his beautiful voice. Adam will far outsell Daughtry I predict.

    Hey Jane, if you don’t like Adam you better go see if there’s any ‘Life on Mars’ because Adam has gone global already and he hasn’t even released his album yet!

  14. marg Says:

    Adam passed Daughtry up with Black & White and hasn’t looked back once! Daughtry is good in his own right but Adam is special, he has the whole pkg and he’s the first to come along with the whole pkg since Elvis…MJ and The Beatles were icons, Elvis was special, Adam will be both!

  15. TheLambertLover Says:

    Jane, obviously you must of missed Track of My Tears, Mad World, and I Can’t Have You. Also if you listen to any of the AI studio versions of his songs, there is nothing there that remotely sounds like screaming, just awesome, pure high notes. If you still have any doubt of this guy’s talent, please youtube “Adam Lambert Brigadoon”. It is simply amazing.

  16. Ju Says:

    ADAM!!!!!!!! i love daughtry, but adam is the best by far!!!! =)

  17. Jimmy Says:

    It’s funny how many times this has happened on this show. I think Daughtry is the best out of all of them.

  18. Bradley Arnott Says:

    Dear sir/madam

    To Whom It May Concern i am writing to you to ask you if i can use on of your images in my GCSE ICT coursework i am a boy from Rainham, Kent.
    hope to speak to you soon.
    Many thanks

    Bradley Arnott

  19. Robby Says:

    I like Chris’s new song that’s been on the radio lately.

  20. Barb Says:

    Daughtry is the hottest thing since Elvis. His voice and lyrics are REAL and not that falsetto crap Adam spews. He sounds like he’s still going through puberty and he wears more makeup then me and my sister combined. He’s gross. What’s so hot about a guy that is more feminine than a lot of girls I know? Daughtry is S E X Y !! Daughtry … WILL YOU MARRY ME ???

  21. Angie Boyar Says:

    This message is for Artie… I love the photo of Daughtry with his hand on his head. I wanted to paint a picture of it for my art class. Do you own the copyright to it? Would that be alright? I wanted to check with you.. I had thought if I could paint it, I’d also like to have him autograph it when I go to one of his concerts. I read above that you had copied them from the internet. Did someone else copyright them or you? I want to make sure of things before I proceed? Thanks for your time.

  22. OMG, Following, AI all these seasons, not quite sure, what to say about this years singers

  23. Sierra Says:

    It is so obvious… Yea chris Daughtry has had more time but still he already had an album out…so in my opinion Chris Daughtry is the best espeacially over Adam….and many others around….Chris Daughtry is the best singer in history…..I know all of his songs too…….WOOHOOOOO CHRIS DAUGHTRY! My hero for singing i am going to do the same as him….Thanks Chris

  24. Sierra Says:

    I forgot to put e mail me back as soon as you can. I love you Chris Daughtry

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