November 17, 2010

This morning when I woke up and checked out FACEBOOK, I was shocked to read a post that Bo Diddley had died! When I Googled Bo Diddley R.I.P. I was even more shocked to see a link to a tribute I wrote for him in 2008 when he passed away!

As we get older, forgetting names, places, and events becomes a common frustrating occurrence. Several times in the past few weeks I’ve been on the phone with friends and lost my train of thought, and sometimes even forgot who I was talking to. I’d make a joke of it, but there’s nothing funny about it.

My Grandmother, who passed away in her late eighties, had Alzheimer’s disease and when she died she couldn’t remember my Mother and aunt who took care of her daily…yet remembered a TV actress girlfriend of mine, whom she had met only once!

Since then I’ve been worried about developing the disease myself since it is hereditary. I’ve been told that science has no cure for it, but advances have been made to delay its devastating effects. Last week I saw a report on ABC news that insulin is proving to be effective in the treatment, but we all know how long something takes to be approved by the FDA.

In the meantime, I want to report on a recent discovery that I made. My longtime friend, vocal coach Warren Berrigian, suggested that I take two tablespoons of extra virgin coconut oil daily* to help relieve my chronic back pain and lubricate my joints. Although it helped me somewhat, I found that it had an interesting side effect.

After taking it for a few weeks, I found that whenever I used it, within 20 minutes, long lost memories began to emerge. This became an invaluable tool since I was writing my autobiography which chronicled my life in the music business that started 50 years ago.

Although Warren had never heard of this AMAZING side effect, and some of my friends laughed at me for thinking such a thing was possible, others praise my “remarkable discovery”.

When I finished writing my book three months ago, I stopped taking extra-virgin coconut oil, but after what I’ve been experiencing with memory loss recently, it’s time for me start taking it again.


IMPORTANT…since extra-virgin coconut oil is high in cholesterol consult your doctor before trying it.

Alzheimer’s is a brain disease that causes problems with memory, thinking and behavior. Symptoms usually develop slowly and get worse over time, becoming severe enough to interfere with daily tasks. http://www.alz.org/alzheimers_disease_what_is_alzheimers.asp


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  1. Alan Says:

    Interesting, as always. I’m told Alzheimers is a whole different thing than absentmindedness. If we notice that we’ve made mistakes, it’s probably not Alzheimers. If it’s any comfort, when I saw your heading re Bo Diddley, I was startled & saddened, before remembering a second later that he died some time ago. So you’re not alone.
    Or perhaps, Bo Diddley is actually one of the few people to die twice?

  2. Dee Trane Says:

    Hi Artie –
    You are not alone. These memory lapses are part of our “Golden Years”…
    I’ve been driving, knowing I had a destination, but could not remember
    what it was.
    Trying to remember something you know that you knew can be the
    most frustrating experience of all, someone’s name, an event in
    detail, information that isn’t there anymore …

    I discussed my concerns with my doctor, especially when I lose
    my car in a parking lot at least twice a week. His reply was
    “when you don’t remember you came in a car, call me” ….
    I hope I remember his phone number !!!

    D ….

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