May 17, 2011


Although Lady GaGa has been one of my favorites since “Just Dance”, now she seems to get darker with every release. I watched half of her HBO MONSTER TOUR CONCERT and turned it off when it became too “heathenish”, even for me.

Is it bad make-up or is it evil that is starting show on her face? I tried to ignore it when I heard neighborhood kids parodying her chant in “Poker Face”, which they turned into “F- F- F- F- F- F- F- F-F@#K her face!” Perhaps I was naïve when I heard her wailing in “Bad Romance” Rah-rah-ah-ah-ah-ah! Roma-roma-mamaa! Ga-ga-ooh-la-la!, and thought of it simply a good hook, not an incantation to summon Beelzebub himself!

One thing I want to know, in her HBO special, while changing costumes, does Lady GaGa mumble, “Thank you Jesus or F@#k you Jesus”? Now that she is the first person to have ten million followers on TWITTER will she use her power wisely or just become another cheerleader for the Devil?

Copyright 2011 by Artie Wayne

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  1. sally stevens Says:

    I don’t know that Elton John would have made her godmother for his new son if something odd like this was going on. She’s always going to be controversial, but I don’t think she’s evil.

  2. richard kimball Says:

    Artie….She may be a little weird-ette, but I think she said “Thank You.”

  3. Jack Carone Says:

    After receiving some salacious advice from Gaga during Idol prep, Scotty Deepvoice said “Lord, it wasn’t MY doin’!”

  4. Joe Nelson Says:

    Personally I think “Judas” is a thinly veiled commentary on this very subject – that it’s difficult to do the right thing when you’ve chosen a path that requires doing the wrong thing out of pure shock value. Stefani figured out a long time ago that nothing gets you noticed like controversey, and followed after the Madonna method of riding a pattern of shocks through her career to keep it going. That said – to quote Bruce Cockburn “the trouble with normal is it always gets worse”, meaning yesterday’s unbelievable is tomorrow’s ho hum (been there, done that, what else d’ya have?). Looking at it this way, I started to realize when Britney Spears hit in the late 90’s why the elder generation in the 50’s thought rock and roll was “evil” – it’s not that the things going on were relatively tame, it was that they forced people to push the envelope to keep things more interesting, more rebellious. Britney was basically rehashing Madonna’s “boy toy” sexuality, but she was doing it as an underage girl (as opposed to Madonna who was at least an adult in the same phase). I got the message immediately – now that that bridge has been crosssed, what’s the next teen sensation going to have to do – underage onstage nudity? This is why I fear for mmy granddaughter – having seen as a father the things her mother was expected to do as a teenage girl of the double-aughts, how much worse will it be ten or fifteen years from now?

  5. People are doing things these days that would never have happened years ago. And, as we pursue a secular society and turn our backs on the precepts of God the culture is exactly where GaGA wants it to be.
    It doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to realize why the country has gotten so dark and so evil… Without God we are worldly driven seeking things that matter to the gratification of self.

  6. Sunny Monday Says:

    Are you guys SURE that’s what she said ?
    I saw her do a the number “Born this Way” on Oprah and I swore she, thanked God. Does “Born this Way ” sound evil to you ? Personally I think she’s making fun of the STARS that we all emulate. When I say “we all”, I mean society. Too much makeup, too much into style and fashion. Too into being outrageous ad outdoing the next person. I think her costumes are to show us how silly we’ve become. Maybe it’s just me, I liked her song “Born this Way”. Did I miss something ?

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