April 15, 2010

There has been much discussion about who should replace Simon Cowell on “American Idol” when his contract expires. The two names that keep coming up are Ron Fair (CEO of  Geffen Records ) and indie producer Joel Diamond. My pals from the past have sold millions of units, have an excellent ear for a song, and aren’t afraid to express their opinions.

I first met Ron Fair when he was a second engineer at radio spot maker Joe Klein’s LA recording studio in the mid-seventies. He knew the board and he was fast. I was doing some piano voice demos In between takes he showed me he was a musician and a writer, who was relentless in learning how to become a producer. We were always talking about records and music that we’d hear on the radio…and figure out how they did this or how they did that. But most of all we’d talk about the importance of the song

I’m not surprised that he rose to the top of the business with his discovery and development of some of the biggest stars in the business, which include Christina Aguilera, The Black Eyed Peas, and Keisha Cole, pioneering as well as financing a larger than life video presence for each of these iconic artists

I asked my friend Producer/ manager Barry Oslander who’s worked with both Ron Fair and Joel Diamond which one should replace Simon Cowell , and he responded, When I was heading up RCA West Coast A&R as VP I was looking to expand the A&R Department by two. I called a number of people to come into my office for a chance at the job. All had to have some experience in music publishing since I felt songs make act, acts do not make songs… One of the 8 was Ron Fair, whom I knew from working with him a year before when I was at a music publishing company. I asked each of the 8 to please go find 10 songs which he or she thought could be a charted records/singles. Giving them all a week to ten days. Ron came back to the second meeting with the best and the most songs which won him the job. “

Oslander ponders for a moment then continues, “When Joel Diamond and I worked together at April-Blackwood music, (Columbia Records publishing Company). Our very first week there, we spent hours going over thousands of songs which the company owned to find the songs which we both thought could be hits. It turned out that Joel and I agreed, 99 per cent of the time, and found many under exploited songs in the catalog that eventually charted all over the world!”

I told Barry that I worked with Joel briefly when I was General Professional Manager of Warner Brothers Music and Joel was in our New York office. I was impressed when he went over to April-Blackwood and signed Laura Nyro to a million dollar songwriting contract, and was a bit jealous when he took my former producer, Ron Haffkine and his new group, Dr. Hook to Columbia Records, where they had an incredible run of #1 hits including “Sylvia’s Mother”, and “Cover Of The Rolling Stone”.

Over the years Grammy Award Winning Joel Diamond, as a producer/ songwriter has had 36 gold and platinum records with diverse artists like Englebert Humperdink, Gloria Gaynor, Ray J, and producing and managing The 5 Browns who have literally dominated Billboard Magazine’s Classical Charts for 3 years running with their 3 consecutive #1 CD’s, at one point holding down both the #1 & #2 positions in Billboard.

Both Ron Fair and Joel Diamond have the qualifications to judge on “American Idol”, but which one has “The It Factor” (ironically the title of Cowell’s new show) that will propel them to reality TV stardom?


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Special thanks to Barry Oslander for his help on this article.

To reach Joel Diamond http://joeldiamond.com

For Ron Fair  http://geffenrecords.com

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  1. Artie the producers are ridiculous to name anyone but you!

  2. If you are looking for “The It Factor”, then it has to be my friend Joel Diamond….he would be sensational!!!

  3. Sunny Says:

    This world is getting to be too small.

  4. Ciji (Portis) Gardner Says:

    Glad that you’re back and feeling better.

    My vote is for Joel Diamond. Ron Fair might be a nice and talented guy, but on camera he comes across as a bit sleezy. He hosted a show that sought to find the next “Pussy Cat Doll” and I found his comments to be accurate but his delivery and ability to engage with the audience was lacking. Although Simon can be terse, he’s still likable in that way that you love to hate people. I say let’s give Joel Diamond a try or go back to the drawing board.

  5. Carla Says:

    Well, Artie, I think it’s a close race. I know both of them and they are both so talented. Both know a hit song when they hear it. But let’s face it, Joel has that on screen presence. AND Joel is so funny!!!

  6. Dan Says:

    David Foster is the guy who has all three of the requisite qualities: the chops, the credits and the screen presence.

  7. Maura Gahan Says:

    You would be perfect… hope you get this!!!

  8. Celeste Greenblatt Says:

    I hope it is you Joel.

  9. Gid Brown Says:

    Joel… 3 wishes ~ May you be the one to warm Simon’s seat , may you enjoy the ride of a lifetime.. and may your princess show up on your doorstep with open arms.. ♥ ♥ ♥

  10. Annette Starbuck Says:

    Spill the beans neighbor! Dinner sesh?

  11. Ziza Brown Says:

    Go for it Joel – It will be a blast !!

  12. Michele F. Goldberg Says:

    Go Joel Go!

  13. Niki Simon Blacker Says:

    i am so excited to hear this news joel. wow that is so great. i love idol and would love it even more if you became one of the judges. i just can see your mom and dad looking down at you with big smiles on their faces.

  14. Jerome Leff Says:

    Go Get it Joel.

  15. Gail Malone Says:

    G’day Joel, good lucky xx

  16. Barb and Ben Says:

    Ben said to tell you, he is very proud of you and truly happy you are doing so well and a possible replacement for Simon Cowell. Happy to have had you for a friend his whole life.

    Best of luck to you and we love you.
    Barb and Ben

  17. Estelle Warren Says:

    Wow! Of course it should be you!!
    That would be some come back!
    Keep our fingers crossed.

  18. Tracy Krivis Quinn Says:

    I think you would be an excellent choice!!!sending good vibes…

  19. Norma Jacobs Says:

    Ok,Joel,If they pick you we shall have a party at Rutts Hutt.We shall invite all 4,193 of you bff’s on facebook.No worry,my treat of course:)

  20. Dawn Georgoulis Says:

    that would be fantastic!

  21. El F Says:

    Go, Joel!

    And I agree with Sunny. The world is now so small it actually fits on a FB page.

  22. El F Says:

    Barry, you always had good ideas.

  23. El F Thanks you made my day….Really!

  24. Joel, Is gregarious, honest and extremely talented.
    I can think of no one better qualified!

  25. Earle Hyman Says:

    It has to be Joel!
    With his wealth of experience judging talent and his outgoing and hilarious personality I could not think of a better replacement.

  26. Eva Kovacs Says:

    I vote for Joel Diamond, his expertise and knowledge is surpassed by NONE. Joel’s wit and humor is exactly what AMERICA IDOL is calling for and will continue to thrive from. And, the most important fact, he is just so handsome.


  27. Bonnie Carlin Cane Says:

    Joel, you have got to be the most unpretentious, humble, honest, caring & talented guy I know. The perfect recipe for an American Idol Judge. Here’s hoping it happens, if that’s what you’d like.

  28. bret carr Says:

    Oh come on, joel is a fucking visionary. He makes classic hits. This guy sets trends. AND STILL DOES. There is no question here.

  29. Joel Diamond is a contemporary of the Shirelles(also a classmate of) and Joey Dee and the Starliters, all musical geniuses and musical trendsetters from Passaic, New Jersey. Joel is an extraordinary talent that will make the chemistry of American Idol truly sizzle! His knowledge of the industry and the talent needed to sustain it and move it ever upward and forward is legendary…the PERFECT choice…Go Joel!!!

  30. Joel Diamond is the man for the job! He’ll have to hire someone to oversee his Facebook page after the fact. He will be so busy! Also…the ladies will fall in love with him for sure! His talent, his heart of gold and his good looks will bring what is needed to the show!

  31. Dick Guttman Says:

    In 55 years of representing the top stars, I’ve had a lot of opportunity to know that rarer breed, the people who can spot talent, see into the future and know who can make a mark in the entertainment industry. Joel Diamond has been a prince of that calling. His choices will reflect the importance of this show down through the decades. It takes a polished diamond to truly recognize a diamond in the rough. If he is the choice, bravo. Dick Guttman

  32. Julie Ferman Says:

    Joel Diamond is the ideal, absolutely perfect replacement for Simon. He’s thoroughly entertaining, scrumptious, adorable, fun and funny, not to mention he completely knows his stuff. Yes indeed, my vote is for Joel.

  33. Amy Schwartz Says:

    Joel Diamond has a GREAT sense of humor, is fabulous at picking out talent, and relates well to people. He would be an awesome addition to the panel of judges!

  34. Joel Diamond has the wisdom of experience, that razor-sharp East Coast wit, the gift of gab, and is hilariously funny! He will be straight forward, but at the same time, will not have a self-satisfied, “cat with the canary feathers protruding from it’s mouth” kind of pleasure in exercising his abilities as a professional critic. I know no one who has been in the business as long as he has and is still heartily liked by all who truly know him. He has charm oozing from his pores. He’s a doll, but a doll with brains!! If the show wants someone with knowledge of the business and the capability to express his opinion without cruelty, he’s your guy!!

  35. Fawn Says:

    Ok–I vote for Joel Diamond.

  36. Marie Says:

    Dear Joel,

    I saw your posting. I am so excited for you. There could be no other choice but you. Love, Marie

  37. Amanda Jane Says:

    Joel Diamond hands down! No comparison-it’s time that Idol had a judge that embraces UNIQUE talent.

  38. Joel has the experience, the knowledge and the personality…what else can you possible be looking for?

    Dr Francis Palmer

  39. Don Oriolo Says:

    Artie…I think Joel would be perfect for replacing Simon on the show…He knows songs, and has dedicated his life to the music business….he has my vote
    Don Oriolo

  40. Diane Levenbrook Aranson Says:

    No one better than Joel Diamond!!! A genius,engaging and a real professional in the industry. Joel has a brilliant ear for any successful project and talent. The American audience will fall in love with Joel.

  41. I have known Joel for years and he is a talented guy with a ton of personality! I can totally see him on the show.

  42. JOHN LUONGO Says:



  43. Eden Says:

    cool! i would love to be able to show all my friends that i have a CUZIN judging american idol :)))) sounds like fun! hope u get it!!

  44. JuLIE BUDD Says:

    Dear Friends,
    I also Have Known Joel Diamond for Years.
    Ever Since I first Began performing , at The age of 12 years old.
    And I can tell you, that there is no one that I can think of in this business , who would be a better choice!.
    Joel Brings a Huge amount of Know How & experience to the job!.
    Along with his ability to Spot Talent & Great Songs As well !
    OK ! OK !
    & Now you Know I think He is Really Great!
    So…Pick Him ALREADY!!!!!!

  45. Emily Says:

    If Joel Diamond is an American Idol judge, the ratings are certain to soar! There is no one as honest, sincere, engaging, entertaining, fascinating, and personable as Joel! If American Idol knows what’s best for the show they will make Joel the next Simon Cowell! Good luck Joel on this endeavor! No one I know deserves it more or would shine as brightly as you would!!

  46. Sedarta Says:

    I have known and worked with Joel Diamond. He is a great man and lover. Pick him for the judge!

  47. I am so proud to say we have worked with Joel,and can say with 150% confidence that Joel is the “Real deal”.
    His knowledge, ability and great sense of humor and solid, hard work ethic is phenomenal! I will definitely watch with great pride! What an amazing addition Joel will make to American Idol!
    Most sincerely,
    Corinne Baggett

  48. Jacqueline Kelly Says:

    Joel Diamond IS the “it” factor! Look at this guy, he’s smokin’ hot, he’s an artistic genius, he is beyond talented as a producer and let’s face it… he has actually been a Recording Artist; he knows exactly what it takes on both sides of the equation.

  49. Ida Block Says:

    There is no contest. Joel Diamond is your man!!! He knows the music business and can spot out raw talent like no other. He is quick witted, has a fabulous personality, and incredible sense of humor. Joel is a warm-hearted individual,but will be brutally honest when appropriate. I have know Joel for several years and it is always uplifting to be in his presence. He always entertains you with intelligent banter and keeps you laughing through the toughest of times. Laughter is great medicine and our world can use mega doses of it now more than ever!!!! Go Joel!!! Idol Needs You Now!!!

  50. Belinda Pucillo Says:

    Looks to me like Joel Diamond is the one!!! As far a personality, experience and professionalism, this is a win, win situation!! Joel Diamond should replace Simon.

  51. Tom Tom Slocum Says:

    Actually, Joel could do that show with Ears and eyes open..

  52. Susan Cohen Says:

    Perfect…thanks for making my day…..:)

  53. If the question is who would be a better judge then I would say it’s a toss up between Ron, Joel or you Artie. If we are talking about the “IT” factor then it really doesn’t matter how qualified the person is. As a producer, I have great respect for Ron and Joel’s work and either one will make a great judge. Let’s remember that this is a TV show and that being said, its all about ratings so my vote goes to Oprah!

  54. joel newman Says:

    JOEL is the best…HE IS A CLASSIC ..I could not think of a better choice.. Knows music… Funny ..great sense of humor …Great pun-am for tv and has a heart of gold that can get across on camera! it’s a know brainer ..Joels the best!! choice

  55. jill0022 Says:

    I think Joel would be fabulous as a judge on American Idol…he has been in the business forever, was featured in Cosmo as bachelor of the month due to his success in the music industry (the ladies loved him..2000 responses!!) he knows the industry inside and out and he has a quick wit and dynamic personality..plus you can hire him for alot less than Howard Stern!!!!He’s your guy!!

  56. Alan Diamond Says:

    There is really no contest. Joel Diamond is the right choice for the job. I have known Joel since we were young children back in New Jersey and even then music was his life. He will be completely honest in his judging and bring a welcome change to the show.

  57. Ann & David Gootman Says:

    Is there anyone in the music industry that does not know Joel?

    To know him is to like him & respect his talent.
    His ability to recognize new talent is uncanny.
    He is extremely personable and has a great sense of humor.
    As an added attraction,he can also belt out a song.

  58. My pick would definitely be Joel! He’s down to earth and knows talent when he see’s it!

  59. Joel Diamond is a mentor of mine and would be the perfect judge on the show. He has a 360 degree capacity to judge fairly since his background is live performance, management, producer, record label owner and publisher. He’s extremely talented, blended with a generous heart and mixed with objectivity. He’s also pragmatic mixed with kindness and fairness. And who’s more entertaining than Joel?

  60. Wayne Rooks Says:

    Oh man, it’s got to be Joel Diamond. It’s going to be near-impossible to replace Simon, but if anyone can do it, Joel is the man for the job.

  61. Karina J Says:

    Of course Joel Diamond is perfect for this position but he’s also got a great music ear but a great wit and funny charming personality.
    Good luck Joe.

  62. KIM JONES Says:

    Joel! Hands down, no question. I’ll start working on the accent with him right away:)

  63. Rob Scop Says:

    Good Man for the job

  64. RUSS REGAN Says:

    I think its a great move!!
    He is a real music man!!


  65. Lily Holbrook Says:

    Thats so cool, Joel! I left a comment. I hope you get picked. You would be great! Much better than Ron.

    Take Care, Lily

  66. RIck Stevens Says:

    It was great to see you in Miami with Rudy. You would be a terrific judge on AI… Wouldn’t that we a great gig !

    Good luck.

  67. Ron Haffkine Says:

    Did you happen to see that brilliant blog that Artie Wayne wrote about Joel Diamond replacing Simon Cowell…I think it would be sensational…The women would love it….Probably the men as well…

  68. Eydie Friedman- Richards Says:

    Joel’s the man!!

  69. Kjelene Magnell Bertrand Says:

    Joel…you should check out all the comments! Copy and paste them and send them on to the powers that be my dear friend!


  70. Irene Hoffenberg Resnick Says:


  71. Marcus Barone Says:


  72. Bobby Vassallo Says:

    No one can be rude and abrupt like Joel Diamond. Hands down, he is my choice!

  73. Paula Reynolds Says:

    I don’t know you well Joel but my goodness it must surely be an improvement! Also, can you ask them to raise the age restriction so us ‘vintage’ folks have a shot? Thanks a bunch….

  74. Julie Royal Says:

    You really would be a great addition to the makes of an Idol!

  75. Helen Hudson Says:

    go get ’em joel…really…go get ’em

  76. Annette Ramer Says:

    How exciting! You certainly would get my vote. Good luck if this is what you want.

  77. Kjelene Magnell Bertrand Says:

    Bobby Vassallo…”rude and abrupt”…are you kidding? Joel has a heart of gold…the conciousness of this new generation is not rude or abrupt…it is all about mentorship and giving of ourselves from our own experience. Joel has the heart and the experience! You dig Bobby? This is where the show will shine because of his integrations.

  78. Dick Gutman Says:

    WOW… Now I can fulfill my lifelong dream of representing YOU. That would be so incredible and would assist rather than conflict with your fate of taking all the young talent in America from 0 to infinity. Good luck on it.


  79. daviddavid Says:

    If Joel does get this … and, they move the show to New York … will he move back into his CPS apt? Loved that apartment … elevator right to the floor .. mirrors on the master bedroom ceiling … perfecto!
    Mr. Cosmo Bachelor of the Month (twice) deserves it … uncanny perception and fantastic abilities … he has my vote!

  80. Joan Shoop Says:

    Joel Diamond will be the perfect replacement for Simon. As a huge idol fan, Joel has got my vote!!!
    Good luck, Joel!

  81. kerri Says:

    I believe Ron got his shot on the pussycat dolls show now its time for another voice….Joel Diamond….

  82. Sabrina Says:

    There is no question that Joel Diamond is just what the doctor ordered for American Idol!
    His supreme ability to see who has IT is one of a kind. I think the show needs a legend like him to make viewers anticipate at the edge of their seat, what he will see, that no one else can. His fantastic cool, fun yet sharp communication delivery will resonate with cheers and awe. That’s why I would tune in each week, just to experience his visionary ability to guide and motivate the candidates. Plus, let’s not forget, he is super entertaining…a massive score for American Idol all the way!!

  83. steve popovich Says:

    joel is a re3ally strong music pro…….i signed engelbert at epic to the astonishment of some of the hip shall we say a&r guys who were embarassed to have him on the label ….first single after the lovin ….million singles million plus albums …..troy ,nino deleon,and as the promo head all the wonderful dr. hook shel records……joel always exciting ,positive and about the songs !!!!steve popovich

  84. Tom Rector Says:

    I saw Ron Fair on the Pussycat Dolls audition show. He’s knowledgable, but not very exciting. Joel Diamond was on a VH1 show about new talent with Katie Cassidy and is very entertaining and offers great, professional assessment of talent. I would go with him.






  88. Blair Verbin Says:

    I agree 100% with Errol. I have had a chance to work with Joel and I can tell you he is one stand up guy.Joel has a great sense of fairness but is also brutally honest.His talent speaks for itself. He would be the perfect replacement for Simon

  89. Jane Says:

    Hi Joel, This posted article is impressive! I would be thrilled if you were the replacement for Simon! So exciting, and the favorite show at my house, as all the girls come over to watch Idol & Dancing With the Stars! If you were the judge, it would be a wonderful dimension to the show! Fingers crossed you get it!!!! Best Wishes, Jane

  90. Kathryn Cook Says:

    Joel Diamond,
    Would add a whole new level of expertise to the show.
    Joel is funny, witty, sincere, honest, talented, and most of all qualified to be a judge on American Idol.
    Joel will … find those diamonds in the rough…
    and make them shine. I cannot wait for next season.
    I love the show now… but having Joel as a Judge will raise the bar.
    This is GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!
    Kathryn Cook

  91. Kathryn Cook Says:

    Joel Diamond,
    Would add a whole new level of expertise to the show.
    Joel is funny, witty, sincere, honest, talented, and most of all qualified to be a judge on American Idol.
    Joel will … find those diamonds in the rough…
    and make them shine. I cannot wait for next season.
    I love the show now… but having Joel Diamond as a Judge will raise the bar.
    This is GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!
    Kathryn Cook

  92. Tom Cartwright Says:

    Wow,if Joel gets it, I might actually watch the actual show instead of just the highlghts. Joel would bring a sense of legitimacy to the show. Sure, it’s launched careers and has certainly been a hit, but in order to move beyond being a pop culture trinket, it has to also stand on its own as artistic entertainment. Joel can BRING it. Besides, he has a much better tan that anyone else!

  93. Ronnie Allen Says:

    My vote is for one of the ultimate Jersey Boys who is a true gem when it comes to knowledge of the business and picking winners …..


  94. Andrew C. Jones Says:

    Didn’t this Diamond chap once co-write a song called “Like A Sunday Morning,” which Lana Cantrell had out as a single?

  95. Yeah Joel! He would be great on that show. The only thing good about the show now is Simon’s sarcasm and wittiness. Never heard of Dioguardi before this; at least Paula was an actual choreographer (and had a few hits as an artist).

  96. steven machat Says:

    Bringing Joel aboard a show about a performer and the song is natural. Joel I have known forever and ever more. Always happy, never sad and always hearing and sharing the love of music that starts with a song and moves to the artist that interprets the song. Go Joel for on the air you will share the beauty that song brings to all our hearts, and will disarm the pessimistic viewers with his smile. In very direct language, Joel gets it and Joel will share it. Audiences will love him and the performers will respect him.

  97. Mischa Estrada Says:

    When I think of Joel Diamond, I think of the room in his house with every inch of the wall space covered with hit records and framed photos of industry greats whose life he touched with his midas finger. After looking at the walls then catching a glimpse of Joel admiring with me, I see a man who has loved every day of his dynamic life in a business that has brought him much joy and people who truly love him from his grace, humility and steely ability to work with winning acts.
    He will unleash a legion of acts with a common denominator of greatness.

  98. Dee Trane Says:

    Joel Diamond is my choice !! To replace Simon, you need knowledge,
    moxie and “charisma” ….There has to be a balance between the
    song and the artist ….Bottom line “The song has it” understand it,
    deliver it, or go home ….

    Joel is a true music man ….

    Dee Trane

  99. Ira Howard Says:

    Never met Ron so I can’t so I can’t give a “fair” assessment. However the few times I met Joel he knocked me over with his outgoing personality…he really had pazazz….and gets my vote.

  100. Mike Millius Says:

    Two great choices you couldn’t go wrong with. But given the the personal dymanics necessary to best fill this spot you’d have to go with Joel. This able and charming lad has had a pretty intense case of charisma for many decades and there’s no sign of it ever clearing up.

  101. steve alaimo Says:

    innovative and knowledgeable
    it would be about time to put somebody on the show who has an opinion .it has to be joel diamond.

  102. Artie Butler Says:

    Joel has it all. The experience, the knowledge and the personality. He can bring something great to the show.

    Artie Butler

  103. Mara Kasper Says:

    My vote is for Joel. He is personable and knowledgeable.

  104. Bow Legged Lou Says:

    My brother Paul told me about that possibility !! Maaaan i wish u luck Joel. I’m gonna pray on it too !! Youre waaaay better than Ron Fair ! Where are u these days? Hows Business?? Bowlegged Lou (Full Force). Good luck Simon! Oops i mean Joel ! lol
    “Stay Blessed and Not Stressed”

    http://www.ForcefulWorld.com*** http://www.youtube.com/fullforcetv

    Sent from my Bowlegged BlackBerry device

  105. Mark Berry Says:

    Way to go Joel D…best of luck, MARK

  106. Arnold Tesh Says:

    I had the pleasure of traveling to the Phillipines with Joel Diamond. It was an official tour whereby Joel advised the President and his cabinet on the promotion of entertainment in that Pacific nation. Joel’s candor, wit, and entertaining delivery captivated his audiences. Joel made the trip a rewarding experience. I see Joel on Idol as a viewer favorite. He provides all of the expertise, humor, drive, and stimulating style that makes the show a hit.

  107. Sandra Costa Says:


    Sandra Costa home interior designer


  108. Bennett Mostel Says:

    from Boca

    I’ll have to be more respectful. Women will be throwing themselves at you. Don’t forget your old needy friends

  109. John Luongo Says:

    Hey Joel,

    we love you here and you always have a place to stay here.

    I hope you get this and if not you still have us who think of you as our American Idol.

    Love ya,


  110. MaryJo Slater Says:

    Awesome! But I want the job! How do I write a recommendation for you?


  111. Brad LeBeau Says:

    holy s**t! i’m on it joel!

    Brad Mason LeBeau
    Founder : PRO MOTION
    The Brad LeBeau Company Inc.

  112. Loren Chaidez Says:

    Wow this is great news —

    They need tough critics on the panel and you’re the man to do it !!

    Congrats – and I will support in any way I can —

    All the best,


  113. Larry Lighter Says:

    Who else would they choose? Through thhe roof. All my best.

    Larry Lighter

  114. Wally Roker Says:

    this is great,,,love it,,,,fab it your time,,,wally roker

  115. Rocky Pepeli Says:

    Joel, just being considered is an honor! I am not surprised though, you are a legend in this business. Love you Bro! Your little, but bigger brother. Rocky Pepeli

  116. Max Gousse Says:

    Wow. I’m on your team

  117. Lily Holbrook Says:

    Thats so cool, Joel! I left a comment. I hope you get picked. You would be great! Much better than Ron. Take Care, Lily

  118. Rick Stevens Says:

    Hi Joel…

    It was great to see you in Miami with Rudy. You would be a terrific judge on AI… Wouldn’t that we a great gig ! Good luck.

    Lots of love & good wishes…


  119. Rudy and Betsy Perez Says:

    OMG !!!!! Joel, this is so great! we will definately blog!!!
    LOve it Love it Love it!!!!
    Betsy & Rudy

  120. Nancy Behrman Says:

    Wow!! This is unbelievable. Fingers crossed. Hope you are well.


  121. Ben Mcclane Says:

    I can tell the grandkids I knew you when

  122. Alan Diamond Says:

    Joel , good luck with the selection process. All the comments I am reading sound very positive. Who is the one who said that you are a great lover? sounds like someone I like to meet,or maybe she has a sister. Regards, Alan (no relation)

  123. David Chackler Says:

    hey joel..
    how the heck are you?…

    you will definitely get my recommendation for the idol gig…!

    love ya

  124. Bobby Eli Says:

    Hi Joel,
    I really hope youare picked.
    That would be awesome


  125. Alisa Garrett Says:

    WOW! So very cool indeed! I will definitely write you a glowing recommendation. Oooo, maybe then you will need a “proper” assistant 🙂
    xo Alisa

  126. Annette Starbuck Says:

    WOW!! This would be AMAZING!! We support you 100%!!! GO JOEL!! 🙂 Next future American Idol judge!! 🙂

  127. Ted Yates Says:

    Yes, Joel Diamond would make a gem of a judge as Simon’s replacement. He has the knowledge and the personality to make it happen.
    Ted Yates
    Oldies 1150 CKOC &
    60’S The Hits & Trivia Author
    (Release May 2010)

  128. Al Rosenstein Says:

    Good Luck. Will certainly support the effort.

  129. Al Rosenstein Says:

    Good Luck. I will certainly support the effort.

  130. Audrey Landers Says:

    WOWIE!!!!!! I’m so excited for you!!!!!

    Audrey XOXO

  131. Ron Haffkine Says:

    Ron Haffkine Hey Joel, Did you happen to see that brilliant blog that Artie Wayne wrote about you and replacing Simon Cowell…I think it would be sensational…The women would love it….Probably the men as well…

  132. Estelle Lazarus Says:

    Estelle Lazarus Joel, that would be grand! I don’t even know Ron Fair.

  133. Ellen Feldman Says:

    Ellen Feldman You’ve got the Q and my vote! (so where do I vote?!)

  134. Bonnie Carlin Says:

    Bonnie Carlin Cane I am so proud to be one of your ‘peeps’…love ya & may the best man (you) win! (I left a comment on the blog)

  135. Paula Reynolds Says:

    Paula Reynolds I don’t know you well Joel but my goodness it must surely be an improvement! Also, can you ask them to raise the age restriction so us ‘vintage’ folks have a shot? Thanks a bunch….

  136. Amanda Says:

    Joel Diamond FTW!

  137. Jim Holvay Says:

    I say we try to get too Arnold S.’s handlers, right? He/she goes to The Terminator and get’s a special “get out of jail free pass” (but only for the day of the show taping)for Phil Spector. I think the ratings would go through the roof. Picture Phil sitting there with that big fro wig that he sometimes wears and the Byrds glasses on. Dump the comedian and replace her with Joel Diamond. Now that would be a good panel of judges.

  138. This is a no brainer JOEL DIAMOND 🙂

  139. Steven Guttenberg Says:

    Joel Diamond is the man. The fact that he has virtually spent his entire adult life in the music industry has prepared him for this moment. The fact that he is an INDEPENDENT producer gives him additional credentials to be an AI judge. Not only does Joel have the knowledge, let’s face it, he has the look!

  140. Gary Sallee Says:

    It needs to be Joel! He has found talent at every level of the entertainment industry and he has few misses in his illustrious career. He also brings a pleasant personality and confident swagger that will be a nice addition to the panel. Big support here for Joel.

  141. David Says:

    Joel Diamond all the way!!!!!!

  142. alisa garrett Says:

    Please believe me when I say Joel Diamond would be a perfect choice. His years of experience within the music industry, mixed with his “unique” sense of humor, topped with the essence of Joel, would be a wonderful compliment to the panel that already exists! Lots of love for Joel!!!

  143. Nadia Endrerud Says:

    I vote for you Joel! Good luck!;)

  144. Brigitte Faith Says:

    To Joel from Brigitte Faith
    Yo dawg…ur in!

  145. Gary Sallee Says:

    Good Luck Joel. Your the man for the job. No one has a greater depth of music-industry experience nor a better understanding of what it takes to be a star(Idol) than you. If there is an official poll that will help secure the deal let me know and I will ask my friends to throw their support your way.

  146. Tom Tom Slocum Says:

    Joel Diamond will be the WINNER. Hes actually, produced and arranged real hit records, with real hit talent…Good luck Joel..

  147. Carla Lockhart Says:

    Joel is not only smart and knows the business, but he’s funny!!! Ron Fair is smart and knows the business, but I don’t know about the funny part. Plus, let’s face it, Joel will look great on camera! Ha ha!!

  148. Shelley L Ackerman Says:

    You’re the one!!

  149. Paula Reynolds Says:

    Joel is definitely hotter.

  150. Susan Barth Jacobus Says:

    Good luck, my friend,hope you get the job!!!!!

  151. Zora Rasmussen Says:

    Joel, that would be amazing!

  152. Sharon Ferrara Says:

    But of course Joel Diamond..

  153. Kim Silverman-Sloan Says:

    WE are cheering you on Joel!

  154. Ana Cristina Says:

    Joel…youve got my vote! 🙂 Im here for support.

  155. Although I am only familiar with Ron Fair’s name a accomplishments in the industry, I have known Joel Diamond since he was very young and merely interested in the entertainment world. I remember the very first time I met him at my home in New Jersey. It was in the early stages of my career and at that time I was recording for RCA and a regular guest on The Tonight Show, Merv Griffin Show, Dean Martin Show and part of the family of performers on the Dean Martin Summer Show for NBC, with Lainie Kazan, Dom DeLuise, Dan Rowan and Dick Martin. Joel would call me often and visit me at my home and would ask many questions in his ongoing desire to learn as much as he could about show business.

    Through the years I have followed every step of his career as he grew into a very successful, accomplished and respected individual. He is an outgoing and professional guy who, in my opinion, would do very well as a choice to replace Simon Cowell.

  156. David Clayton-Thomas Says:

    I think Joel has the personality and the presence to be an Idol judge. His ability to spot a great performer makes him a natural for the gig.

  157. joel diamond is the man for this job…he’s smart, hot, intuitive, loves the business, is excited about what he does, loves new experiences, and is gentle…everyone will lov his enthusiasm and sense of fairness…..wow. this should happen!!!!!

  158. Jean Thomas Fox Says:

    By a landslide it seems to be Joel Diamond. He certainly is qualified and gets my vote too.

  159. Marva Holiday Says:

    Hmmm. Though I don’t know either one, both men have impressive resumes. However, I wish they had considered my old friend “Little Richard” Penniman, the architect of rock and roll. As a singer/entertainter from way back, he knows what it takes to get up there and try to win an audience over. — Plus, no one can rattle his nerves or “one up” him. He’ll just give them a look and tell them to “shut up”…LOL

  160. Bill & Lee Wood Says:

    First let me say, my wife and I are big fans of American Idol. Simon Cowell is the kind of person that you either love him or hate him. We happen to like him because one can see that he truly understands his music. Knowing Joel Diamond from his days in New York, he made music his life, and we feel it would be a natural fit. He is well versed in all kinds of music, from classical, gospel to pop, and has the kind of personality that would be entertaining.

  161. Janice Pendarvis Says:

    Joel Diamond!! Joel Diamond!!! Joel Diamond!!!!

  162. Keith Brown Says:

    I, too, watched Ron Fair as a TV judge and have known some of the bands and producers he has worked with–very talented guy with a good ear and eye. But with all his experience, I don’t think he can match what Joel Diamond can bring to the table. I have worked more closely with Joel than anyone in the past decade. For 6 solid years we would strategize virtually every aspect of the music business, and were on the phone multiple times a day. He has an over-the-top outgoing personality that is bright and quick, and his knowledge of the industry is unsurpassed. I have been an avid A.I. fan since its inception, and Joel Diamond and A.I. would be an amazing and entertaining match!

  163. Joel Diamond. No question about about.

  164. My vote is definitely for Joel Diamond!!

  165. joel Diamond Says:

    Joel Diamond is the Man for the Job—Hands Down!
    Yes, we Share the SAME name…
    But, aside from that He is The Greatest and an INCREDIBLE Talent.
    Joel would be a tremendous asset to the Show.
    His Experience in the Music Business and his Great Personality are exceptional.

  166. Hello,

    Joel is energetic and wise! Witty and strong minded in regard to what he feels is his opinion! I know he will be a great addition and your viewer ship will definately go up. Simon is tired and you can feel it.

    Thank You

  167. Steve Greenberg Says:

    Joel Diamond, hands down, is the best candidate to replace Cowell!

  168. Engelbert Humperdinck Says:

    Joel is a go getter and would be great for the job, he knows the business like the back of his hand, and very outspoken in every way, he was partly responsible, for my sales of 150 million units sold,Simon is going to be hard to replace,as he is a one of a kind, the best in the Business, JOEL is GREAT! my personal opinion is an IDEAL contender.
    Engelbert Humperdinck

  169. Annie Says:

    Can’t wait to see u on tv Joel..as a regular…
    Best. ,annie

  170. Nancy Moonves Says:

    Wow Joel! That would be amazing! Best of luck.
    Keep me posted.

  171. Industry Senior VP-nameless Says:

    Joel, that would put you ahead of tommy mattola and Jamie foxx…I am thrilled to see your name in the mix.

  172. Joel Diamond (the other one) Says:

    Joel Diamond is the Man for the Job—Hands Down!

    Yes, we Share the SAME name…

    But, aside from that He is The Greatest and an INCREDIBLE Talent.
    Joel would be a tremendous asset to the Show.
    His Experience in the Music Business and his Great Personality are exceptional.

  173. Debbie Collins Says:

    Debbie Collins Joel… all the way 🙂

  174. Galia Keny Says:


  175. Amanda Hayley Says:

    Joel, when you become judge hope you will be nicer than Simon!!

  176. Billie J Bodnar Says:

    Joel, of coarse you have my vote if theres somewhere to go to vote.

  177. Susan Cohen Says:

    YES, let’s start a pool!!!!!! For the kindest, most brilliant gentleman out there….that deserves to win it all!!! JOEL DIAMOND

  178. Tom Slocum Says:

    I would simply go by the record, taste,experience, camera friendly, and winner would be Joel Diamond…he deserves the gig..its that simple…good luck Joel…

  179. Joel Diamond has my vote!

  180. It has to be Joel because he is so so so handsome …

  181. Brigitte Faith Says:

    U are way cuter in a t-shirt than Simon!

  182. Paula Reynolds Says:

    what speaks the most about Joel is the powerful respect he receives from his friends and the music community as well. He has a great shining personality that is undeniable. I am eagerly anticipating seeing him give some ♥ meaningful ♥ advice to the young stars! I will share this with my 1,300 friends and let’s see if we can get you the rest of your comments!

  183. Cindy Gilman Says:

    U would be amazIng and I would support you all the way

  184. Marlene Ellison Lancaster Says:

    Some people think that he would be ideal and that it’s more than a one in a million shot 🙂

  185. Linda Randazzo Says:

    It’s yours, just claim it!

  186. Tracy Krivis Quinn Says:

    Sending good vibes, as I said before, Joel would be a great addition and they would be lucky to have him….

  187. Dominic Mantuano (son of Mario Lanza) Says:

    The Lanza Family says hello and so do I…nail AI Joel

  188. Dorothy Whalen Says:

    Without hesitation ~ it will be Joel Diamond, he is the man for this job, experienced, knows Music, can spot talent, fair and square, and just a great guy! I place my bet on Joel .

  189. Nettie Wiener Says:

    Joel Diamond is the absolute, perfect choice to replace Simon Cowell…same brilliant mind, musically gifted and as funny as Jerry Seinfeld! He’s also the perfect foil to Ellen Degeneres…their interaction would have to be hysterical! Joel would definitely add a new level of entertainment and interest to American Idol!!


  191. lory Cox Says:

    I have read a lot about Joel Diamond and Ron Fair. In my opinion Joel Diamond is better suited to replace Simon. Joels knowledge far surpasses Ron Fair. Joel has a presence that captures ones attention.I vote Joel Diamond all the way!!!

  192. Linda Randazzo Says:

    Joel Diamond is the only man for this job. He has the history, experience, personality and has an immense wealth of talent to contribute. He certainly has my vote!

  193. Lizzy Says:

    Joel Diamond has my VOTE 🙂

  194. Stephie Says:

    Way to go joel!! Ur fit For the Job!!!

  195. Janis Siegel Says:

    Joel Diamond is an “old school” music man who would be an real asset to American Idol. When I say “old school” i mean he’s actually got ears for talent and a feeling for music and performance.
    I’ve known him since I’m 17 years old and the man has chops, personality and cred.
    Id love to see this happen for him…GO JOEL!
    Janis Siegel
    The Manhattan Transfer

  196. Dennis Rinzler Says:

    Before I learned that Joel might be a candidate to replace Simon, I thought that he would be a brilliant choice. I am amazed, but not surprised, that sooooooo many people recognize Joel as one of the GEMS of the music industry. I have known Joel since our days of growing up in Passaic, NJ. There is NO DOUBT that this wonderful guy, who never forgot his roots or his friends, would be THEEEEEE man to replace Simon. NO ONE knows music, understands what it takes to be a star in the music business or has the personality and wit to replace “the irreplaceable Simon” than Joel. Just do it already.

  197. Norma Jacobs Says:

    Joel is rock royalty,and he has been for a long time:)

  198. Hi I’m Audrey Turner widow of the late Legendary Grammy Winner Ike Turner
    Ike and I had the honor and the pleasure of working with Joel Diamond before my husband , Joel is a supreme choice for replace of Simon ,Joel has an excellent ear for great song choices, charismatic , classy and a great humor. Joel is not one to sugar coat your feeling If you have the It Factor to be a star He will let you know and if you don”t he’s not one to hide the truth. Joel spirit is full of Light he will be a great choice for American Idol Judge.!
    Love & Respect
    Audrey Turner

  199. Breeeee Says:

    Joel Diamond has produced so many LEGENDARY, talented people. He knows music. I’m pulling for Mr. Diamond!


  200. Hi Whomever You Are:

    The best person to replace Simon would be a seasoned comedian like David Brenner, but, if I don’t get the job, the second best person would be Joel Diamond, not because I don’t know Ron Fair, although I saw all his movies, but because Joel has everything the job requires from knowing music seven different ways to Sunday and three to Monday, and because he is articulate, intelligent, funny, direct, says what he truly believes, fears no challenge, handsome, does great card tricks and owes me 4254.62, which I hope to collect from this endorsement. Let me put it in the words of my youth in the slums of Philly – Not for nuttin, Joel Diamond will kick ass, ya know what I’m talkin’ or what?

  201. EG DAily Says:

    I would love to see Joel get this opportunity !! He knows his stuff and has the personality to back it ! Good Luck to you Joel !!

  202. Scott Hart Says:

    Simon who?? Joel’s got my vote! What better way to gaurentee 10 more years of IDOL than with Joel in Simon’s old seat. Fingers crossed!!

  203. Wedigo Says:

    Artie, my vote also goes for Joel Diamond.

  204. Bobby Lutsky Says:

    I can speak for the entire “Lutsky” family from Passaic, New Jersey Shirley(a close friend of Joel Diamond)Joy my younger sister and most all Ruth and Morty my parents. Joel a frequent visitor to a home open to all our friends treated me (Bobby) more then just the brother of an older sister but more as a good freind.Several months ago Joel hunted me down excited about my name being brought up by Stuart Birnbaum brother to Roger past camp friends. It was no surprise, Joel who has achieved much success, spoke as if I saw him yesterday, the same enthusiasm and passion he had for our family and friends
    If I could have Mark Rosenberg, past president of Warner Brothers as my high school campaign manager
    I can assure you my endorsement of Joel as the next
    judge on “Idol” is without guestion. Obviously my judge of charachter and talent has been “right On”

  205. daviddavid Says:

    Brad LeBeau, Loren Chaidez, Mark Berry,David Brenner, John Luongo, Nancy Moonves, Artie Butler, Marucs Barone, Mark Berry, Estelle Lazarus, Ron Haffkine,Engelbert,Bow Legged Lou; Janice Pendarvis, David Clayton-Thomas … geeze, this ain’t just testimonials…. this is a re-union!

    • Lyle Walker Says:

      Lyle Walker says:

      Having worked with Joel Diamond in artist management, I know he would be the perfect replacement for Simon Cowell. He has the looks, personality, knowledge, experience, smarts and sense of humor to do the job. Most importantly he has a musical ear and the gift to recognize a talent that possesses the “IT” factor necessary for superstardom.

  206. Tom Moulton Says:

    Joel would certainly bring the show to a new level. His witty and very honest approach would bring a new sincerity to the show . A very good choice indeed.

  207. Mark Fried Says:

    Ron Fair is a brilliant, insightful song AND music man. Far as I’m concerned, an heir in the great ears department to Clive himself. Joel Diamond is a bit of all that PLUS one of the funniest, most entertaintaining A&R/producers I know…and this is tv after all….

  208. Judy Feinerman Says:

    I was very glad to hear of the possibility of Joel Diamond being selected to replace Simon on American Idol. I think that Joel is spontaneously very funny with a sense of humor similar to Seinfeld. I believe that with the interaction of Ellen DeGeneres and Joel that the show would be a blast! It would fun to watch and certainly bring in another whole group of viewers to the show.

  209. Steven Vincent Says:

    Joel would be awesome, and give credibility to the critiques that could help these young artists grow.

  210. Brooks Arthur Says:

    I have known Joel Diamond half my life. Known him as a very successful music publisher, a consistently hit record producer … But the most impressive component about Joel, is his ability to spot talent, encourage talent and nurture the artists. Bringing out the best that they can be. Better still, bringing out the essence and marrow of an artist. Joel’s middle name should be: “Encouragement.”

    To select Joel Diamond as the man to succeed Simon Cowell would be a feather in AMERICAN IDOL’s cap, in terms of the credibility factor.

    Respectfully, Brooks Arthur

  211. JERRY ROSS Says:

    Hey Joel ” I feel a song coming on ” and you would know it !!!!
    It is your time to shine….If not now, then there is an opening for a Judge at next years Pillsbury Bakeoff….
    Best of luck,your ol’ friend
    Jerry Ross

  212. Jerry Heller Says:

    Joel Diamond a long time ICON in the Music Business with impressive credentials has impeccable Song and Artist sense, and a strong forceful presence and opinion on all his projects. Jerry Heller

  213. After my brother Donald and I started our success with writing The Association’s – “Never My Love” (2nd most played song in BMI’s history).
    After leaving Warner/Chappell music, we went on as writers for APRIL BLACKWOOD MUSIC, there we met the West Coast Head of the Publishing Company Joel Diamond.
    If it wasn’t for Joel’s closely knit relationship with Clive Davis, my brother Donald and I “The Addrisi Brothers” wouldn’t have been discovered by Clive. Thus our career on Columbia Records would have never happened.
    I feel with Joel’s charisma and strange sense of humor he would be perfect to replace Simon Cowell on “American Idol”.

  214. i have known the talented joel diamond for a couple of decades, i met him through my son scout’s granfather music composer artie butler. joel’s accomplishments are incredible and his enthusiasim for musicians new and old is inspiring. my opinion is there is no better person qualified for this amazing oppurtunity. he would be perfct 🙂 i am a major fan of mr. joel diamond. tai babilonia

  215. Lauren Reno Says:

    I know Ron and Joel and have great respect for what
    each of them have accomplished, however, Joel and I
    had our first job in the industry at the same time
    and place.

    The best part of AI for me was Simon…he was
    always right and I loved his attitude-maybe it is the New Yorker in me.

    Simon has a big personality and for someone to replace him they also need one-Joel does and can.

  216. Jill Garneski Says:

    I cast my vote – JOEL DIAMOND is the ONLY guy for the spot!!!!

  217. Judy Landers Says:

    Joel Diamond would be perfect for this!!

  218. Lyle Walker Says:

    Having worked in management with Curb Recording Artists LeAnn Rimes and Steve Holy and with Joel Diamond as a producer, I know that Joel would be the perfect replacement for Simon Cowell. He has the looks, personality, knowledge, experience, smarts and sense of humor to do the job. Most importantly he has a musical ear and gift to recognize when a talent possesses the “IT” factor essential for superstardom.

  219. Pamela Donnelly Says:

    they’d be fortunate to have Joel to round out that panel of judges. The fact that his musical experience as a producer crosses multiple genres makes him a truly viable candidate..

  220. Charlie Calello Says:

    Joel’s the man. I’m a big fan of Ron Fair and love his records but my vote would be for Joel. He’s a no nonsense guy and cuts right to the chase when it come to talent. He’s picked songs for artist in every genre of music and has done so successfully. He’s been in the trenches in making hits and careers and knows what it takes to become an American idle. When you judge a singer that has a reasonable good voice and sings in tune you may be able to find a few things to critique but only a “PRO” like Joel will see the true depth of a talent and know how to critically evaluate their direction to produce the ultimate results.

    Joel, I hope you get it . . . you’ll be an asset.

  221. Dani Says:

    Woah! Is there even a comparison in whose got the “It Factor”???!! JOEL DIAMOND of course! Ron Fairs abilities go for what would be an overnight commercial success- an eye which even someone who doesn’t know much about music can share with Ron- but Joel Diamond has the uncanny ability to unearth the diamonds in the rough, let the cream rise to the top, look beyond just peripheral appeal and explore cognitively what makes an artist great. American Idol is not about being radio-ready and polished- it is about finding an every day person with an extraordinary talent and Joel Diamond has the rare clairvoyant ability to spot that kind of talent that would fly right over Ron Fair’s head. We love Joel and there’s no doubt America will too!

  222. Debbie Surdi Says:

    Joel Diamond! A real professional whose knowledge transcends all genres of music! He’d be a huge assett and a GREAT personality for the show! I vote for Joel!!

  223. Lee Shapiro Says:

    Joel! What a concept. A real hit music producer as a judge. Love it!

  224. I would like to see Joel Diamond replace Simon.

  225. Johnny Says:

    For sure Joel Diamond should replace Simon.

  226. I’m not sure anyone really cares much about “Idol” anymore. While it may still get reasonably good ratings and make some people some more money, it’s taking its last gasp before it dies a natural death from old age. If there’s any way the show can be helped in an important way, it would be about bringing someone onboard who is the antithesis of Simon Cowell. Joel Diamond is that guy. I’ve known and dealt with a lot of those pompous English music moguls and frankly they leave me cold, Simon Cowell included. I don’t think the show needs any more cold, uppity critiques. Joel will bring heart, taste and personal warmth to a show that could use that from a real music veteran.

  227. Herb Nanas Says:

    Joel Diamond is just plain TV cute. That’s what this is about period..He just so happens to be extraordinarily knowledgable about music and a wonderfully likeable guy..But, Joel Diamond is just plain TV cute

  228. Rod McKuen Says:

    What mWhat makes Joel Diamond more than qualified (and to my own mind the ideal talent) to replace Simon is his total knowledge of the music business.

    As a successful songwriter, in demand producer and all around musicologist Joel has few peers. He’s funny, wise, articulate, opinionated (but never mean) and not only recognizes talent but has discovered and mentored young performers throughout his musical life. His good looks and quick wit doesn’t hurt either. Lets hope the powers that be give him the once over.
    Rod McKuen

  229. I believed in Joel when he came to work for me for $25.00 a week, schlepping my songs around Broadway and the Brill Building. I believed in him when I sent him to France to MIDEM and he came home with a bunch of deals but it was there that I lost him to Bob Reno and MRC Publishing. His energy is bottoomless, his knowledge and feel for the music business is second to none. He has my vote and my best wishes for a whole new jhourney in the entyertainment business. Arnold Capitanelli

  230. Sy Stadtmauer Says:

    My immediate thought: Absolutely brilliant selection.

    Joel brings unsurpassed knowledge;an appeal to all demographic categories; Like Simon, he is well known and respected in the Industry, yet he is a fresh face to television audiences; Drop-dead handsome; his ability to evaluate talent and to honestly express his evaluation is legendary and refreshing. I don’t know if he would do it, but if he does, he will be an instant sensation.

  231. sandy linzer Says:

    i have know joel diamond for over 30 years. he is considered by many, including me, to be one of the great music people in our industry. more important, he owes me a few bucks from a loan years past and with interest amounts to millions. i hope he gets the gig-i could use it lol.

    joel has what it takes to replace simon. charisma and talent. he’s magic! and he still looks almost as good as me!
    best of luck to you buddy,
    sandy linzer

  232. Rohan Kar Says:

    Its about connecting to the audience and feeding off them accordingly, having said that … Joel Diamond is the master of this and he is my Ultimate choice!

  233. I think Joel Diamond would make the best replacement for Simon. Joel knows the music business well and that face and personality belongs on the screen.

  234. Steve Edwards Says:

    Joel Diamond would be a great choice – we’ve been friends for years and are now writing songs together. Joel’s “behind the scenes” industry experience coupled with his keen eye for new talent makes him the perfect choice for “Idol” couldn’t happen to a nicer guy!!!

  235. EVE GRAHAM Says:

    As lead singer of The New Seekers, I spent many productive hours in the studio with Joel, and he always knew how to get more from me than I believed I was capable of. As a talent, his track record speaks for itself, so he is more than qualified for the job.
    But is he also a performer? Answer – YES!
    His charisma would give the show a timely new dimension. They would be crazy not to take advantage of this opportunity. A stunning choice.

  236. I have known Joel Diamond for many years and have watched his successes in so many situations in our industry. I can say without hesitation that he is one of the finest most experienced people I know in the business. He is great with people, has a magnetic personality and would make a wonderful Judge for American Idol.

  237. Carla G Says:

    Joel Diamond for sure…experienced, smart, funny, single and good looking! A winning combination.

  238. Breeeee Says:

    Joel would be so much fun to watch!!

  239. Billy Losapio Says:

    Dear Joel
    How proud your Mom would be !!!
    I’m wishing you the best on your latest quest !
    If anyone can do it , its you Joel.
    Just to be considered is a statement about you !
    My best wishes & Love

  240. Brian Drago Says:

    JOEL DIAMOND is the ONLY CHOICE PERIOD! I have been to the mountain top and back with Joel; the studio, the farm, New Years Eve parties, the production set, the board room, the penthouse, the award shows. I’ve been with him around the world of global media entertainment to the streets of Passaic, New Jersey. American Idol will finally achieve its full peak potential with Joel Diamond at the helm. JOEL DIAMOND is the ONLY CHOICE PERIOD! because he possesses the most desired admirable trait of human nature as being a proud devoted father to his beautiful daughter Briana. To sum it up with a few simple words JOEL DIAMOND is the ONLY CHOICE PERIOD!

  241. jack Jones Says:

    Joel would certainly give some missed credibility to the panel. Simon is not afraid to be specific, based on his own experience. Joel would have the same in site and directness. I would think he would be a tad kinder without weakness.

  242. Rocky Pepeli Says:

    I am sure Ron Fair is a good man if he is being compared to the likes of Joel Diamond and Simon Cowell. Lets face it, Joel Diamond and Simon Cowell are in a class of their own. Simon has done an outstanding job and he can spot talent with a glance. It only makes sense to replace a person like Simon Cowell with a man who is just as good, if not better at spotting talent. I have known Joel Diamond for over 20 years and through Joel I have met some of the biggest stars in the world. He has earned the respect of these stars from his years of doing the right thing. He is honest, direct and doesn’t waste time on projects that he doesn’t believe in. He would make a great “American Idol” even better. I only hope that the producers of the show are just as good as Simon and Joel when it comes to spotting talent.

  243. Yoram Fishman Says:

    Joel is the Man.
    It would be awesome for him, and a treat for the viewers…
    No other than the’ Diamond’ himself

  244. Harry and Maxine Says:

    This would be a real plus for American Idol to have someone with Joel’s talent,insight,ability and humor–the show would reach new heights with Joel Diamond as one of its judges. Ratings would skyrocket!

  245. Alan D G Says:

    Harry and Maxine said it all. Its Joel!!!
    Would be a really big plus for AI. Class addition.

  246. Toni Belford Damiano Says:

    I grew up swooning over Joel Diamond and his uncanny ability to cultivate hit songs. He is charasmatic and charming and could win over America. He should be the only replacement to be considered for Simon’s seat.

  247. Charlie Says:

    Joel is one of the most outgoing and personable people I have ever met. He is definitely the future of American Idol!!! No one could be ANY better!!!!!!

  248. harry riskin Says:

    joel’s last name says it all “diamond”-he’s special,unique with insight and a sense of humor-the program will be enhanced and ratings will be sustained and increase-a real plus to have joel as a judge-

  249. Maria Verel Says:

    Joel Diamond WROTE THE BOOK on discovering great talent, and hundreds of hit songs! He Is an outstanding artist and producer. He is a legendary ICON in the music industry, and everyone knows it. Ask Tommy Mattola, who used to be Joel’s assistant!
    Joel can charm circles around any viewer, contestant, and audience member. He would be the MOST excellent, logical choice to replace Simon!
    Plus, he looks so great on TV–he is SO handsome, and when he smiles and flashes those incredibly beautiful blue eyes, he lights up the screen! I would tune in JUST to watch Joel!!! He is the genuine article!!!!

  250. Steve Rifkind, SRC, LOUD, UNIVERSAL Says:

    Joel is a legend has broken a lot of acts and a great producer and writer

    Steve Rifkind —————–

    We Are Better To Be Proactive Than Reactive——–

  251. David Libert Says:

    Joel is the man. No one can question his successes and achievements over the years, but more importantly, his personality and presence, along with his dry wit and sarcastic sense of humor will take the entire entertainment factor of “American Idol” up a few notches. He’s the perfect choice.

  252. Joel would be a brilliant choice for this position. His extensive background ranges in experience with all music genres ranging from Pop to Classical and everything in between. He brings music to the people and that is what ‘Idol’ is all about !! He’s a very personable guy – and delivers criticism appropriately, and the show so needs that —

  253. tom sturges Says:

    brilliant choices!

  254. Lori from Rogers Cowan Says:

    Lori Says:

    April 21, 2010 at 5:43 pm
    I agree! Joel is a seasoned veteran in the business…worked with him on the successful The Five Browns campaign – a group on Sony Classical that he discovered and groomed for success. He’s extremely knowledgeable and colorful – would make a great judge.

  255. Michelle Johnson-Blame It On Rio Says:

    Michelle Johnson You’d be great!!!!

  256. Susan Cohen Says:

    Joel’s going to put Jersey back on the map!!!!!!!!!!

  257. Carla Lockhart Says:

    I might actually watch American Idol if Joel were a judge.

  258. Lila Sadafi Says:

    They would be lucky to have you

  259. Raymond G. Paret Says:

    I agree – with Joel as a judge I would watch the show!

  260. Bruce Levenbrook Says:

    Go get em’ Joel…I am pulling for you! Shelly’s little brother..

  261. Denise Ferri Says:

    Hi Joel, you have got my vote my old friend….Idol will be a better show with you on the panel, and I would definitely start watching again..every single week!!!!!…I am so excited….love, Denise xoxo

  262. Suzanne Diamond Says:

    That would be SO amazing!!! But you don’t have a mean bone in your body! Would Randy take over being big bad meanie and you and Ellen could compete to see who is the nicest?

  263. johnrusco Says:

    I have worked with Joel Diamond for a few years and he is definitely the right replacement choice to make when Simon exits American Idol. Joel’s vast knowledge of music and his experience within the industry makes him a great fit! Besides being the best replacement choice, Joel is a very good man! He’s always there ready to help someone sharpen their musical craft and stage presence. He has the kind of advice that so many of these young contestants can take advantage of. Go Joel!!

  264. Maurice Starr Says:

    Hi I Am Maurice Starr The Man Who Discovered New Edition And New Kids
    On The Block And My Words About Joel Diamond Is, He Is The best, He’s
    Worked With The Best, Produced, Manage And So Many Other Things My
    Former Record Executive Joel Diamond Worked With Me At My Disney
    Hollywood Records Distributed Label Boston International Records.

  265. Mike Stoller Says:

    If anyone is to replace Simon Cowell as a judge on “American Idol” that
    person should be Joel Diamond. Joel has been involved in every aspect of the
    music business for many years. As a record producer he has worked with many
    seasoned performing artists and, even more importantly, he has developed and
    encouraged new young talent who have gone on to successful careers. He’s the
    perfect choice for “American Idol”.
    ………..Mike Stoller

  266. NORBY WALTERS Says:

    i have been in the music business since 1950, when i booked Miles Davis on his first job with his own band…….and i’ve spent my entire life being part of show business in general….i’ve booked jazz faces like Dizzy & Bird….and R&B artists like Luther Van Dross & Marvin Gaye….i’ve booked Latin bands like Tito Puente & Tito Rodriguez and i was there at the beginning of the entire Hip Hop Generation….from Sugar Hill Gang to L.L. Cool J, the Wil Smith………and thru all those years, the one name, the one person, who was always on target, and knew what would be a hit, was my pal….Joel Diamond…….Give him the job beacuse in addition to his incredible ears……he is a very funny guy….and will bring a whole lot to the show !!!!!!

  267. David Hasselhoff Says:


  268. Mickey Eichner Says:

    April 23 at 7:31am Joel –
    A blurb in todays NY Post mentions you as a possible replacement for Simon, it would be a good choice.
    Good luck.

  269. Alexandra Leh Says:

    i never watch…but i absolutely will if YOU’RE at the judge’s table 🙂

  270. Eydie Friedman- Richards Says:

    Right on Joel.. An endorsement from the “Hoff.”

  271. I have had the incredible opportunity to be a part of Joel’s world personally as well as professionally. He is a man with a never ending amount of passion, compassion, energy, and of course talent. He would be a great asset to the American Idol Team. He definately gets my vote….

  272. Jacklyn Zeman Says:

    Joel Diamond! He has the experience, the passion and definitely “the it factor”.

  273. Annette & Anthony Says:

    American Idol and Joel Diamond? What a fantastic idea! Many of you probably know Joel from the music industry or professionally, but we on the other hand know Joel from a personal perspective. So you all know his history with music, his accomplishments, and that he is so savvy when it comes to music, but do you know how charismatic he is? How funny, how intelligent, sincere, quirky, off-the-wall, energetic, and fascinating he really is? We are usually against it when TV shows and such that change their “cast”. It’s very hard to welcome a new replacement, but in this case we truly believe this is a match made in heaven. American Idol could use a little Joel Diamond!

    Annette Starbuck & Anthony Carroll

  274. Eric Doctorw Says:

    Joel would be an amazing choice. His musical taste is impeccable. He has star-quality charisma. He is a great producer. He looks great on camera. This would be an inspired choice.

  275. Bonnie Carlin Cane Says:

    There’s now a group page on facebook for ‘People who endorse Joel Diamond to replace Simon Cowell on American Idol’
    Hope to see you all there 😉

  276. Scott Gootman Says:

    Joel Diamond should be the only choice to replace Simon on American Idol! His track record in the music business, extensive musical knowledge, and ability to “schmooze’ with people like no one else, would make him the perfect judge.
    I have to say that he also inspired me personally to pursue a career in the music business. I am now going on 25 years of recording and sound mixing. Joel is my uncle and after spending countless hours of sitting and observing him in the recording studios with a multitude of top recording artists, studio musicians, and engineers, I had all the inspiration I needed to pursue this career.
    I think he could provide tremendous inspiration and just the right amount of criticism to help some of the American Idol contestants go on to brilliant careers.
    Joel has all of the ingredients to be an excellent replacement for Simon.

  277. Norma Jacobs Says:

    I just did a shout out to my 600 bff’s on face book.We are behind you Joel,one million percent:)

  278. People who endorse Joel Diamond to replace Simon Cowell on American Idol
    Category:Entertainment & Arts – TelevisionDescription:Grammy Award Winner, Joel Diamond, for American Idol judge. Who could be a better choice? All the experience, charisma, good looks, sense of humor…the perfect jewel! Privacy Type:Open: All content is public.


  280. Maura Gahan Says:

    Joel you are the epitome of charisma… you would be perfect for an American Idol judge

  281. Rio Vergini Says:

    That is great JOEL and I sincerely hope that you are selected and wish you blessings and prosperity! 🙂

  282. Brian Phelan Says:

    You have our vote” Class of 60 PHS” Good luck you deserve this opportunity.

  283. Does anybody have the American Idol Producer’s e-mail? We could all send them a message that Joel Diamond should be Simon’s replacement.

  284. i have been so excited that joel hopefully will be the replacement for simon cowell. we were friends for many years,neighbors,graduated school together and not only is he extrememly capable and knowledgeable but he is one heck of a wonderful human being. he is a “chip off the old block” as his mom and dad were charming,great looking and terrific!!!!

  285. This dynamic man is the best choice, a hometown boy that made it and hasn’t forgotten us back home. Joel has the cutzpah for the job.

  286. Now how nice is that? And we who know the effort you put into a project, would agree with what David Hasselhoff has to say. Did you get the amount of votes needed yet, Joel?

  287. As a huge Idol fan, I can’t think of a better replacement than Joel.

    The man has music running through his veins. He has such a wealth of experience in every facet of the music business and has made more stars than Idol has even had contestants. For God sakes, Tommy Mottola was his assistant!

    Perhaps just as important, Joel has a really great presence and wit, which will be needed to replace someone like Simon. What a perfect choice!

  288. Hope Coe Jones Says:

    How sincere and uplifting was that comment from the Hoff!

  289. Jason Mervyn Dorsey Says:

    Go for it Joel D, you would make an awesome judge on Idol.

  290. Max Luces-Tucker Says:

    Wow! You are just what the show needs. Hopefully Simon Fuller is listening. 🙂

  291. Susan Cohen Says:

    Gorgeous…and absolute genius!!!!Let the games begin!!!!! YOU go get um Joel…..:)))))

  292. Eleni Rose Says:

    Don’t know you, but I think I love you!!! Anyway, best of luck, and God bless!!

  293. I think Joel would be great, I like his style.

  294. I am so excited to hear this about Joel. I just heard about it today. I remember Joel, even though he graduated a few years before me. It will be exciting to see a former passaicite on t.v. especially on one of my favorite shows. I am routing for him and would love to meet you again in person. that would be awesome. the entertainment business has always fascinated and have not yet made a connection to someone who can teach me all about it.
    lots of luck

  295. Of course you are qualified after 35 years in the entertainment business,you are always creative in the TV and motion picture industries, and you always look for young talent around the world. As you know I have been around the world with you and Dick Clark, where you and I created the Children’s Music Award and World Family Music Award,World Film Award. You will always be a creative advisor to me. With the number of school and seminars about the international music award, which you created. The bottom line, the knowledge you have from the last 35 years in the entertainment business will provide ‘The American Idol’ with the positive asset they need.
    Antonio Gellini
    Founder and President ‘The World Film Institute’

  296. Jeff Kutash Says:

    Like Cowell, Joel Diamond ran successful record labels & developed artists.
    Diamond has an uncanny old school and new school ear – he is definitely a “rough” Diamond.

    Jeff Kutash, Emmy & Golden Globe winning choreographer
    Producer of “Splash”, Las Vegas

  297. Tre Says:

    My vote is for Joel Diamond. Besides being a legend in the game, he also helps up and coming artists. Alot of people with his resume wouldn’t do that in this day and age. He has alot of wisdom that idol could use. Good luck.

  298. Joel…….since they haven’t asked me yet (lol) – then I am defintely endorsing you. You are a gem – Mr. Diamond.

  299. Saw it in Cindy Adams column NY Post today-rumors are abounding that Joel will be the replacement for Simon

  300. It is about time that American Idol has somebody a little older as Judge just like that Goodman guy on Dancing With The Stars and for the very first time, how about finally a Jewish guy!

  301. Rick Lenchus Says:

    Many of you do not know my friend Joel Diamond, so let me tell you a little about him
    FIRST and very Importantly

    So this means he is “Family” in the Legend Martial Arts and in ALL Martial Arts world he is a Brother.
    Joel Diamond was a private student of mine who I taught in his penthouse off Central Park South and he worked very hard learning. He was also part of my Cable Television show in the beginning as a Producer of recording stars such as Engelbert Humperdink “After the Lovin” and friends such as Roy Orbosen, David Hassellhoff, Joe Pesci,Benny Mardones, and so many it would take the whole page to fill.

    It was his ability to sense talent and work it, twick it and polish it in a way that made gold and platinum records.

    Joel was the sensei of music and still is.

    Joel is a Jersey guy from tight warm loving family.

    He is loyal and there for you if you need him.

    I could list his credits but that would be for you to google his name

    You know my name and I ask you to support him in his consideration to replace Simon Cowell on AMERICAN IDOL

    As you know, we martial artists have awesome power and can make our votes count.

    There is an estimated 9 million martial artists throughout the world.

    I also belong to the Masons and Scottish Rite. We are very powerful worldwide as well and I am with the Marine Corps League, the few, the proud.

    WE can make it happen

    Thank you all for your support

    Grandmaster Rick Lenchus

  302. Ted Perlman Says:

    How do you replace a “living legend” like Simon Cowell? The answer is – you can’t. But the smart thing to do is to find another “legend”. And who better fits the title “legend” better than longtime music industry power player Joel Diamond. He has worked in and excelled at so many arenas in the music business that it would take up an entire column just listing them here. Suffice to say, his experience in publishing, recording, producing, mixing, managing, and songwriting more than qualify him for the position of judge on “American Idol”. He knows the business of music inside and out. And unlike a certain Brit mentioned earlier, I think Joel has the personality to be able to criticize in a positive and supportive way, never caustic or cutting. I have worked with Joel Diamond for many years now and have come to know him as not just a business associate but also as a close and trusted friend. I wholeheartedly and unconditionally recommend him to sit in Simon Cowell’s chair. Plus, if he got the job I could call Joel up and get tickets to the show 🙂 Go Joel!!!!

  303. Harry Aaron Says:

    I agree with the comment above…there has been an Englishman, african American, Italian, Hispanic, Lesbian, and now it’s time for a Jew to round out the panel of judges on american idol…Joel Diamond should be our representative! he would well represent the millions of Jewish poplulation in America
    Harry Aaron

  304. Tobi Weiss Says:

    Joel, you have my vote!!!!!!!

  305. I vote for Joel. With his knowledge, he would be great.

  306. Karen Dvorak Says:

    Me too!!!! This is so cool Joel, I hope you get to be a Judge on Idol…How fun!!!

  307. The Hoff did a pretty good job on the TVLand awards show last night! Joel, my friend, best of luck-you deserve this shot!!!! You have done so much for so many people, it’s YOUR TURN!

  308. Joel I hope you get your shot on that show.

  309. casanova ace Says:

    ive known joel diamond for many years not only on a proffesional but apersonal level he is aloving father a wondeful human being and amusical giant filling simons shoes will be aphenomenal job but some one like joel with the passion for music the industry ear and the fairness he will bring to this show will be beyond outstanding american idol would never be the same with joel in the judges seat it will turn out undoubtedly the biggest star music has seen in decades go getem joel

  310. Josh 20 to Life Says:

    My vote is for Joel Diamond for american idol .He is the perfect person for the job because he help up coming artists and everything he says he will do he does. Josh from 20 to life

  311. Joel, I’m in YOUR corner. I can’t think of a better person for Idol. I’m bummed we were never able to get my song “Heaven Must-A-Sent You” on the Kaci project, but know we’ll do something together in the near future!

  312. That is so cool Joel. I hope you get the gig. You are perfect for it. Good luck!!! Hope to see u next season on Idol! xoxo

  313. Ok…Mom and I are awaiting the announcement. Anything Joel Diamond Fans can help with?


  315. Celeste Greenblatt Joel holding thumbs for you as I truly believe that you would be so great on that show. Then I know I will see you next yr on safari for sure with your daughter.

  316. Harold Wheeler Says:

    April 28, 2010 at 4:18 am
    My good buddy Joel,

    This would be right up your alley. You have made such
    quality choices for many years of being in this business. You really know good talent when you see and hear it and that’s what Idol is about. Also, we’ve be
    right next door to each other.

    Harold Wheeler
    MD. Dancing With The Stars

  317. Ida Block Says:

    Ida Block Says:

    April 28, 2010 at 5:47 am
    As the race gets closer, the vision gets clearer! There is no doubt in my mind that Joel Diamond as a judge on American Idol would be nothing less than a win win result for all! Joel would be fabulous on all counts. This is what he was born to do. Idol’s ratings would climb high with Joel! They could use a good dose of a seasoned New Yorker’s humor, honesty, wit and charm. He is a visionary in the music business and has been for many years.

  318. Denise Says:

    Denise Ferri/Delicates Says:

    April 28, 2010 at 12:47 am
    Dear Joel,

    You would be the perfect choice for many reasons, you are a super talent,love and know the business inside and out..a great guy..what more can I say…you’re the “BEST”..

    Lots of love and hugs from
    Your friend, Denise xo

  319. carol ross-durborow Says:

    April 28, 2010 at 12:17 am

  320. Tommy James Says:

    April 28, 2010 at 12:14 am

  321. Patti Dahlstrom Says:

    April 27, 2010 at 11:02 pm

    I am so happy to see that you are being considered for an American Idol judge. You have always been a great talent and a good man. Best of luck!

    Lighting a candle,


  322. Its obvious to American Idol that the audience is shifing in a direction Joel dominates. New media, internet, social networks, and the ability to create virial powerful content makes him one of the most saught after talents in music. Most kids watch TV, surf the web, text on their phones, all at the same time. This is a fundemental shift Joel understands how to thrive on it.

    When you combine that with his cool, in touch, entertainng persona It sounds like the right move to me. I’m not sure anyone else is even close.

    John W Fanning

    Chairman Netcapital

  323. Dear Joel,

    This is sooooooo thrilling! My vote will go for you…..and as soon as I finish moving my office, I will get some time to write about you as an inspiration for so many….including me. OK?

    Mary Ann Topper

  324. David Wilkes Says:

    Joel: You are amazing..
    We miss your energy and advise re; the 5 Browns.
    Today is the first Canadian sound scans on Nikki Yanofsky’s Canadian release..the Phil Ramone produced one. Should be a Top 5 Pop Chart as well as a #1 Canadian jazz album.


  325. Linda Grey Says:

    good luck Joel…you have my vote! Linda Grey

  326. You’d be fabulous! Everything is crossed.


    Mary Jo Slater

  327. Jamie McCall Says:

    Oh wow, that’d be great, Joel!
    “You’d be hard-pressed to find someone more knowlegeable or experienced in the music industry. Besides that, Joel’s a great guy!”

    Break a leg!

    ~Jamie McCall

  328. You would be great Jerry Greenberg

  329. Jeff Wald Says:

    Joel Diamond has the experience and temprament to be a great Idol judge

    Jeff S Wald
    ARIA Multimedia Group

  330. I am rooting for you, Joel.

    David A. Helfant

    Law Offices of David A. Helfant

    2019 S. Westgate Avenue, 2nd Floor

    Los Angeles, California 90025

  331. Jerry Cutler Says:

    When it comes to music, Diamond is sharp (not the ‘sharp’ Jackson keeps harping about). It’s Joel’s knowledge of production, songs and singing I’m talking about. Diamond is the real thing. He glitters when all else fades into a “shadow of a smile.” If Diamonds are a ‘girl’s best friend’ then our Diamond is ‘Idol’s best friend.’
    Jerry Cutler (syndicated entertainment critic)

  332. Rabbi Jerry Cutler Says:

    from Jerry Cutler: When it comes to music, Diamond is sharp (not the ‘sharp’ Jackson keeps harping about). It’s Joel’s knowledge of production, songs and singing I’m talking about. Diamond is the real thing. He glitters when all else fades into a “shadow of a smile.” If Diamonds are a ‘girl’s best friend’ then our Diamond is ‘Idol’s best friend.’
    Jerry Cutler (syndicated entertainment critic)

  333. Helen Hudson Says:

    Helen Hudson Says:

    April 28, 2010 at 3:43 pm
    Listen out there–Seriously–LISTEN. Listen to the work Joel has done for many, many years–the groundbreakers–the comebacks–the artistic vision and heart-pumping energy he exudes even today. THERE IS NO FINER CHOICE FOR AMERICAN IDOL. PERIOD. And get this–we had a meeting at his apartment in NY some 30 years ago–he liked my songs–but as it happened I was not the right artist for him at the time–nor was I, as a singer-songwriter the right artist for the charts which were high on disco. Did it break my heart? Yeah. Did I know as I walked out his door that he really KNEW what he was doing for that moment? You bet. Would I want to work with him today? In a heartbeat. . .

  334. Gracie Scarbrough Says:

    Hi Mr.Joel!!! 🙂 I just read an article about your idea on song buses!!! I LOVE the idea!!!! From personal experience my 4 sisters n I had a kiddie rock group for kids 12 n under. We performed @ alot of elementary schools. The kids, teachers, n principals were sooo appreciative! After our performances the kids were so …happy to hear n see live music right before their eyes that we would spend an hour or more with kids lined up just to hug us!!!

  335. David Dein Says:

    David Dein the International President of England’s World Cup bid and former Vice Chairman of the Arsenal Football Club and I, his wife highly recommend Joel Diamond for this position. We have known Joel for over 30 years and he is consistently warm gregarious and decisive with humility and wit. We both agree he is the right man for the job and wouild add value to the programme.

  336. Lorna Luft Says:

    Hi Joel,

    Go for it! I hope you get it and impart real wisdom!
    bets of luck we are rooting for you.


  337. Albert Hammond Says:

    Joel Diamond is a fascinating guy and would be great for the spot, he would bring maturity, experience,talent and lots of fun as he is a fun guy.
    Albert Hammond

  338. Deniece Williams Says:

    I am so excited about “Joel Diamond” being the new face of American Idol. I had the pleasure of working with him several years ago. His track record speaks for itself. What a wonderful addition he would be to the show!!!

    Deniece Williams

  339. Morris I. Diamond Says:

    “I’ve never been a fan of American Idol…if by accident, I tuned in and found myself enjoying the talent that was performing, as soon as the judges babbled their corny and, sometimes ludicrous remarks, I’d sign off. Knowing Joel Diamond (No relation, incidentally), he would give the panel the credibility it desperately needs. “

    Morris I. Diamond

    37898 Festival Drive
    Palm Desert, Ca. 92211

  340. Dennis Block Says:

    Hi Joel. Im watching American Idol right now. You would be amazing on that show. It is exactly what you were born to do…..Judge Talent!

  341. Darren Dein Says:

    Darren Dein Says:

    April 29, 2010 at 3:06 pm
    “There is only one choice. Look no further than Joel Diamond. Like his name suggests if anyone can unearth a gem it is this guy. Professional, astute and unnervingly savvy. He is your man! Class act.”

    Darren Dein, Lawyer and Agent President of Double D Ltd.

  342. liz lind Says:

    has anyone watched RON FAIR on the girlalicious show. He is as boring as watching paint dry. The man has nothing to say and he is monotoned. I dont know who said that Ron Fair would even be in the running. He is Dull, and very unattractive to be on tv. He also takes number one hits like “one” by U2 and Stairway to Heaven and makes them the worst sounding songs in modern day music , according to Jann Wenner at Rolling Stone Magazine

  343. Stevie Budesky Says:

    Hi Joel! Are you gonna take a stab at the Idol gig?? inquiring minds wanna know ??

  344. Joey Baron Says:

    April 30 at 2:35pm
    Good luck with the idol thing…. I just saw it…. Joey baron…. Tony camillos engineer

  345. Errol Sober Says:

    Upon hearing the news that Joel Diamond was being considered as the replacement judge for Simon Cowell on American Idol, it was obvious to me that this would be a match made in heaven. Any of us that have worked closely with Joel, over his forty plus year career, know that his talent and successes as a Music Publisher, Song Writer, and Record Producer more than qualify him to do an outstanding job. Joel’s level of dedication, professionalism and enthusiasm – plus a rare mix of intelligence and humor – will bring an exciting new dimension to the show. I’m certain everyone will love to watch Joel in action. I can’t wait to tune in!

    Errol Sober

  346. Ralph Murphy Says:

    It has been my privilege to have been a “Diamond watcher” for most of his career. To have cheered as he put talented artists in a position to achieve has been one of my professional lifes great pleasures. To see him take great songs, put them with great artists and see the result shine on the world stage has been a bright spot in an industry sometimes reluctant to roll the dice.
    Keep on “rolling” Joel, you’re on a roll!

    All the best,
    Ralph Murphy, ASCAP VP of Member Relations

  347. DOC REMER Says:

    Your track record confirms that you have an ear for diverse talent. Good luck on this career move. Sounds like a win for all parties.


  348. Lenny Kalikow Says:

    “Joel Diamond would make a colorful addition to the show!”

    Lenny Kalikow
    Editor & Publisher
    New On The Charts

  349. Kimberly Racan Says:

    YOU are the best one to replace Simon….
    since you both have great “trac records” it goes to
    the cutest!


    kimberly racan / owner
    studio e entertainment, llc

  350. Jerry Cutler Says:

    When it comes to music, Diamond is sharp (not the ‘sharp’ Jackson keeps harping about). It’s Joel’s knowledge of production, songs and singing I’m talking about. Diamond is the real thing. He glitters when all else fades into a “shadow of a smile.” If Diamonds are a ‘girl’s best friend’ then our Diamond is ‘Idol’s best friend.’ Jerry Cutler (syndicated entertainment critic)

  351. Lauren Bottner Says:

    Without question, Joel Diamond should be the first-round pick as the next American Idol judge. There’s no one else who is as passionate about music, sees beauty and possibility in the faces of strangers, and can pull of wearing mismatched socks and injure himself skateboarding with his dog and yet still have his fingers on the pulse of the music world. He has an eye for talent, an easy laugh, and a heart big enough to still believe in the good of mankind. Let’s hope that America doesn’t lose out on the opportunity to get to know him.

  352. Errol Sober Says:

    Upon hearing the news that Joel Diamond was being considered as the replacement judge for Simon Cowell on American Idol, it was obvious to me that this would be a match made in heaven. Any of us that have worked closely with Joel, over his forty plus year career, know that his talent and successes as a Music Publisher, Song Writer, and Record Producer more than qualify him to do an outstanding job. Joel’s level of dedication, professionalism and enthusiasm – plus a rare mix of intelligence and humor – will bring an exciting new dimension to the show. I’m certain everyone will love to watch Joel in action. I can’t wait to tune in!

  353. Celeste Greenblatt Says:

    Celeste Greenblatt I really think that Joel would be incredible on the show he looks great and has a knowledge of what good music is all about, and he knows what America is looking for when it comes to talent

  354. Pj Delia Says:

    Pj Delia That would rock for Joel!

  355. Donnie Demers Says:

    Donnie Demers Joel has my vote! After being around those people since the beginning… I’d say he is SHOE IN and would be perfect!

  356. Bonnie Carlin Says:

    Bonnie Carlin Cane Come join us to show support for Joel

  357. Shelly Steggs Says:

    Shelly Steggs Joel would be GREAT!!!! Hope it happens….

  358. Carla Redding Says:

    Carla Redding Beautiful!! Joel is the one!

  359. Kjelene Magnell Says:

    Kjelene Magnell Bertrand Joel, if you want it, then it is yours my friend! Damn…now I have to watch the show if you’re on there. 🙂

  360. Galia Keny for Joel Says:

    Galia Keny we need some jewish wit on the show

  361. Billy Meshel Says:

    Joel, I never fail to be amazed by you. you are to my way of seeing this an inspiration. A great big never say die Hero to me.

    Billy Meshel

  362. Bennett Mostel Says:

    I’ll have to be more respectful. Women will be throwing themselves at you. Don’t forget your old needy friends Joel

  363. Linda Randazzo Says:

    Linda Randazzo May 11 at 8:56am People who endorse Joel Diamond to replace Simon Cowell on American Idol

    You may want to invite all your FB friends on your page to join the above site and increase the numbers there. It is a good marketing tool for you.

    Would really enjoy seeing you on American Idol – you would bring lots of fun and laughter to the show, in addition to your experience and talent.

    Have a great day.


  364. Amanda Hayley Says:

    Amanda Hayley – My vote is for Joel!!!

  365. Dorothy Whalen Says:

    Dorothy Whalen Go for it, Joel, you are more than qualified!

  366. Tom Tom Slocum Says:

    Joel deserves the opportunity

  367. Helen Hudson Says:

    Get on with this already. Everyone knows it should be Joel as in Diamond. The finest, most pure, most tested, most concentrated, most exceptional gem of a man. No brag. Just fact. The rest is just toothpaste. Why waste word space on anyone else?

  368. Emily Santangello Says:

    Joel Diamond FOR SURE!!!!! No contest!!! Go Joel!!!!!

  369. Catherine Hickland Says:

    Catherine Hickland Says:

    May 16, 2010 at 2:18 am
    Joel Diamond has been scouting and producing talent for decades. He would be incredible for the job! Get it, Joel!

  370. Carol Robins Says:

    The prob they have with you is that you are far better looking than Simon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  371. Amanda Hayley Says:

    My vote is for Joel!!!

  372. Shelly Steggs Says:

    Joel really would be an asset …he deserves this so much

  373. Bonnie Carlin Says:

    Bonnie Carlin Cane We’re showing our support for Joel..please join us:

  374. Bobby Vassallo Says:

    Weird, Jamie Foxx bought Joel’s Old House. The “shack” in Tarzana, before Joel moved to the Museum.

  375. Joe Dolinoy Says:

    I hope Joel gets the seat on Idol along with Simons 33 million dollar paycheck!!

  376. Kjelene Magnell Bertrand Says:

    I’m up way too late, but had to post that I love Joel Diamond…he would be “the ticket” for continued success on American Idol for sure!

  377. Sharon Link Says:

    sharon link Says:

    May 16, 2010 at 8:50 pm
    How many times do you need to hear that Joel Diamond is the perfect match???
    “American Idol” wants to keep the suspense going, but WE, the audience, KNOW Joel is the best selection!

  378. Seth Baker Says:

    Seth Baker-publisher Beverly Hills 213 Says: Says:

    April 28, 2010 at 5:47 pm
    joel diamond is 213 choice to replace simon cowell

  379. Rudy Perez Says:

    Joel Diamond would be the perfect replacement for Simon Cowell on American Idol because he’s been a successful producer and songwriter for many years. He’s always had his finger on the pulse of what the next big thing is in the music business, and he certainly can spot a superstar as well as a hit song. He doesn’t beat around the bush, he tells it like it is. His experience speaks for itself.

    Rudy Perez

  380. Benny Mardones Says:

    “Joel Diamond was the first music executive that ever listened to my voice and my songs or gave me the time of day…
    This led me to write and sing “Into The Night” which sold millions of records and was a hit by me twice…it’s simple-he’s got ears like Clive Davis and he lives his music…it’s his life..and as Ahmet Ertegan said to me in 1990 ….Joel Diamond is as good as it gets when it comes to talent and music’….I second that”…. Benny Mardones

  381. Gloria Gaynor Says:

    Joel produced my second biggest hit to “I Will Survive” and I think he is the perfect choice to fill Simon’s seat…he will bring a whole new slant to the show.

  382. Marie Foti Says:

    Dear Joel, You are the only person for the job. They would be lucky to have you say yes and how silly they are to take so long to decide. You will be on to other things very soon if they don’t hurry up and grab you! Marie

  383. Caroline Hodge Says:

    OK! I’ve read as much as I could find on Joel Diamond, and I think he’s the man to replace Simon Cowell. Good luck Joel!!!!!

  384. Rachel Rose Says:

    It would certainly be exciting to see Joel on idol. I love the show and he looks the part from his picture. One day I will meet Joel in person and look forward to that day. good luck JOel.

  385. Linda Randazzo Says:

    Please support Joel Diamond to replace Simon Cowell on American Idol. He is a music business legend, has a great sense of humor and fun, and a wealth of experience and talent.

  386. Norma Jacobs Says:

    The great People of Passaic,and all those wannabe from Passaic remember if Joel Diamond takes his rightful chair on “IDOL”.we will have the biggest party that Rutt’s Hut has ever throw.Please repost this link and tell your friends about our hero,Joel Diamond:)Rippers for all!

  387. Marilyn Brodsky Shapiro Says:

    In Cindy Adams column NY Post today-rumors are abounding that Joel will be the replacement for Simon

  388. buhari Says:

    I am a seasoned viewer of American Idol,another Simon cowell will be no body but joel daimond.consedering his inpact in the music industry.

  389. Sir Harry Cowell Says:

    Sir Harry Cowell says:
    May 24, 2010 at 10:35 am
    What a great idea….he is the man for the job in my view.

  390. Phyllis Morrow Says:

    Hope it’s you Joel,and gorgeous to boot!

    Phyllis Morrow

  391. Preston Drew Says:



    ARTY, I thought you’d like to see this… Preston

    • Bonnie Carlin Cane Says:

      @Preston Drew..thank you so much for that update, I’ll be sharing it…WTG my friend Joel!

  392. Beverly Hills Times Magazine Says:

    Beverly Hills Times Magazine says:

    Not only does this Grammy Nominated candidate have a handsome face, but he brings some much needed, serious industry credibility to the table. Our vote goes to Joel.”

  393. Hard choices that can not be decided by a flip of the coin when all is equal between the two giant talents.
    I would imagine that the decision would have to come down to who holds the best track record in recognizing talents that have potential of topping the charts.
    The choice in my opinion would have to be Joel Diamond, his track record speaks for itself, as well as having that “It factor”, not to mention Joel is a silent giant himself.

  394. I’d incessantly want to be update on new articles on this website , saved to my bookmarks ! .

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