February 15, 2012

The first time I met songwriter Toni Wine (“Candida”, “Tonight You’re Gonna’ Fall In Love With Me”) she was only 14 years old and we were both staff writers for Don Kirshner at ALDON MUSIC.

Over the years we remained friends and occasionally worked together. Back in 1966, when I was writing songs and producing for Scepter Records, my friend Stanley Greenberg who was head of A+R asked me to rehearse a new act he was producing, Diane and Anita.

Although we went into the studio with my song, “One By One” as the A-Side, the song that Toni Wine brought Stanley, “A Groovy Kind of Love”, which she co-wrote with Carol Bayer Sager came out of the studio clearly the winner! 

I’m proud to say that ours was the first recording of the classic, which was followed by two number one records, one by the Mindbenders the other by Phil Collins  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsC_SARyPzk

Seen here with Tony Orlando and producer/ engineer, Brooks Arthur For the past few years Toni has been touring around the country playing synthesizer and singing background for Tony Orlando. 

To reach Toni Wine    http://toniwine.com

Copyright 2012 by Artie Wayne

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  1. tony moon Says:

    to hell with the Phil Collins version–( heard it 1,000,000 times) I want to hear the Diane and Anita version!! Toni sang HER version at my wedding 10 years ago. Always did love that song!(and Toni)

    Tony Moon

    Another Don Kirshner alum

  2. Trade Martin Says:

    Artie…., I remember playing on the original demo session at Dick Charles with Toni.& Carol.

    Please send Toni my warmest regards..

    Thanks…., hope all is well with you Artie. Best, Trade.

  3. Warren Schatz Says:

    Met Toni when she was 13 and recording with Jerry Samuels (They’re Coming To Take Me Away”). She would come to Associated Recording with her mom, who I remember as very kind and loving.

    I had the biggest crush on Toni, but never told her. Think I was 15 at the time. We used to sit on the phone and I’d play her guitar chords and she’d tell me every note regardless of how complex the chord was. I was awestruck by her musicality.

    What a amazing voice she had even then. I’m honored to have gotten to know her even a little bit.

    With lot’s of love,
    Warren Schatz

  4. Ron Dante Says:

    Toni is still the best female singer I know
    I met her when she was 15 at Aldon Music when I went to work there on staff.
    We did tons of demos together and every time we sang backgrounds it sounded like a hit.
    Our Archies sound is still my favorite and what would “Sugrar, Sugar” be writhout her “I’m gonna make your life so sweet”

  5. Robbie Leff Says:

    Artie, I finally heard the original version about a year ago and fell madly in love with it. It’s here:

  6. Alan Says:

    Artie, Thanks for the article on Toni. I wasn’t around during her “heyday”, but I’ll never forget when you came over to my house in L.A. with Allan Rinde & Toni Wine, to record some vocals on one of your songs. Not knowing her amazing track record, I fell in love with her voice, her “vibe” and her personality. This was probably 15 years ago, but it stays with me because she gave our “session” such magic. It took me back to the pure fun of my “early days” in the biz. I hope she reads this & knows what an absolute treasure she is!!!
    Ala O’Day

  7. mark barkan Says:

    I remember Toni well-and saw her recently when we hugged each other-a really great hug. I had a crush on her but we were a little older than teenagers-but I was married and she was with Herb Bernstein-yes she was a very talented singer/songwriter as well and had the best looking knees I’d ever seen on a woman. Also a really nice person-

  8. Laura Says:

    Toni Wine is a brilliantly talented singer, songwriter and musician. I’ve seen her a couple of times with Tony Orlando and have had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with her. She has one of the most soulful voices out there, a voice that hasn’t changed since the late ’60s when she was making our lives so sweet with her vocals in The Archies’ “Sugar, Sugar.” She’s a very real, down-to-earth lady. Thanks, Artie, for this nice writeup on her.

  9. Wedigo Watson Says:

    Artie thanks for an interesting article/tribute to Toni Wine. Have to admit, somehow I knew very little about Toni though I’m a big follower of the genre of “girl groups”. Thanks for helping to enlighten me more.

  10. Artie Wayne Says:

    Transcribed from people on FACEBOOK who’ve LIKED this article

    Richard Rique Patire, Robbie Leff, Robi Keller, Kerry Dame Cole, Carol Cookie Tandy, Roger Hansson, Wedigo Watson

    Transcribed from FACEBOOK of people who’ve made COMMENTS on this article…

    Carol Cookie Tandy…/Toni is such wonderful person .. !!

    Kerry Dame Cole…I have the pleasure of working with T.W. she’s one of a kind. I mean that in a good way!

    Stephen Clark Harvey…I love picking out this melody when I’m trying out new keys on the guitar.

    Patti Madigan Kimball..Toni just left my house..not only is she great but also quite modest about her work.

    Gordon Bayne… A name from the past… I was in the NYARNG with her brother back in the day … he was always proudly bragging on her accomplishments. I think she also collaborated with my friend Dennis on a couple of projects.

    Wedigo Watson…Nice article, Artie. I knew very little about Toni, thanks for helping to enlighten me more about this talented l

    Richard Podolsky…Artie, I’ve got a chapter about Toni I think you’ll love in my new book: “Don Kirshner: The Man With the Golden Ear,” which Amazon just started shipping. Appropriately, the chapter title is “Groovy Kind of Love.”–Rich Podolsky

  11. I met Toni Wine many, many years ago at a recording studio (Associate Recording Studio) in NYC when she was 14 or 15 year old…She was with her mother. And I was a engineer working there and I remember thinking how talented this girl is at a young writer.. She became a fine writer over the years….I was right on.

  12. Artie Wayne Says:

    Transcribed from people on FACEBOOK who’ve LIKED this article

    Edna Collinson, Keely Stahl, Scott Charbonneau, Tom Diehl, Larry King, Nick Archer

    Transcribed from FACEBOOK and emails of people who’ve made COMMENTS on this article…

    Eileen Shanks…I have been enjoying Toni for many years since she has been touring with Tony Orlando. An interesting first recording of Groovy Kind of Love-so different than the Mindbenders and Phil Collins version.

    Brooks Arthur…“Toni Wine was, and still is, the connective tissue that you add to a record to make it all come together. Her vibratos and sound are unparalleled. Toni could have had a solo career, especially in her early days, but chose studio work instead. As a result, record producers such as myself gained from her decision. She’s an amazing songwriter and could have rivalled any singer/songwriter out there.”

  13. Paul Evans Says:

    Oh my God. I had a crush on Toni when we both were working at Associated Recording Studios. I didn’t realize just how much competition I had. 🙂

  14. Jean (Thomas) Fox Says:

    I had the pleasure of singing with Toni again, after all these years, this past July when we (Lesley Miller, Mikie Harris, Susan Collins, Ula Hedwig, Toni and I) sang background for the 4 hour “Girl’s Groups of the ’60s – She’s Got The Power” concert at Lincoln Center Outdoors. We all spent 4 unbelievable days together rehearsing, laughing, reminiscing, singing, singing and more singing!! Boy, is she good. She hasn’t lost a thing in all these years and it was such a pleasure to stand next to her again. At the concert, she sang her absolutely amazing version of “Groovy Kind Of Love”. What a treat that was!!!! We may never get to do anything like this again, but we all have it for a memory and what a good one. I don’t think we could have done it without Toni. She was the glue that kept us all together and singing like we were in our twenties again. Thank you, Toni.
    Love you!!

  15. Robbie Leff Says:

    Although the performance Jean Fox mentioned doesn’t appear to be on youtube, this one from 2010 is fantastic. What a voice!

  16. Peter Says:

    Toni Wine never wrote “A Groovy Kind of Love” even if she has been officially credited; Because she ripped off the chorus of the Rondo from the 5th sonatina by the Italian piano composer Muzio Clementi. The theme is dated 1797. However, it’s a nice song.

  17. tony moon Says:

    That’s the biggest piece of bullshit I’ve ever read. Like she was really familiar with a piece that was written in 1797.! Glad you have nothing to do but discredit talent like Toni Wine and whom
    ever else with your intellectual musical knowledge of 400 year old melodies.Get a life—-please!!!!

  18. Robbie Leff Says:

    That’s a funny exchange only because I thought that most people knew that the melody was adapted from a classical piece (certainly not the first & it won’t be the last). For those who didn’t know about it, here it is:

    I still think Toni came up with an absolutely beautiful song!

  19. Renee (Seitz') Valenza Says:

    This is for Toni.
    You probably won’t remember me, I was your neighbor when you lived in Riverdale, New York…555 Kappock Street.
    We became friends and I often spent time with you at your apartment, wishing I could write songs like you did. The one song that always stays on my mind is “Groovy Kind Of Love”. You had told me you wrote it for your husband who was in Nam at the time and I was with you when you found out the song became number one. I was so proud of you.
    One day I hope to see you when you tour with Toni Orlando in NY.

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